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Abortion Facts You Need To Know

   By: Hunter Jones

The word is a controversial one, so much that it can't be brought up without some sort of rhetorical discussion following. Legalized after the landmark decision of Roe vs. Wade in 1973, abortion is just one option available to women who find themselves faced with an unplanned pregnancy. The choice to go through with a pregnancy, or to terminate it, is a very personal one that can only be made by the woman herself. Adoption is another option that women must consider if they are not sure After she has been counseled regarding abortion facts and information, and has had time to familiarize herself with the pros and cons of medical and surgical procedures, she can make the best choice based on what is right for her.

Factual information about abortion-related topics can be found from various websites including the National Abortion Federation at, featuring a series of researched guides that cover topics related to abortion facts and abortion care. The safety of different types of procedures is discussed, medical versus surgical removal of the fetus, types of complications from each, prevention of complications, and more useful information about access to abortion, the ‘day after pill', post-abortion issues, and statistical highlights about the incidence of abortion in the United States and Canada. For instance, consider these abortion facts; almost half of all pregnancies among American women are unintended, and about half of these unplanned pregnancies are ended by abortion. Women who have abortions come from all racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds, and tend to be between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five years.

Given that unintended pregnancy is an issue that affects thousands of people each year, abortion is one of the most common procedures performed in the United States. Women seek abortion for many reasons, and it isn't just a method of birth control like some may think. Unplanned pregnancies happen, and not every women is emotionally, physically, or financially capable of carrying a healthy baby to term and caring for it afterward. Help for pregnant women including teaching on abortion, development of baby, physical and psychological effects, and more information can be found at local Planned Parenthood agencies and online. Need to speak to someone right away? Visit where visitors can access a toll free number to call to speak with a live consultant, get abortion facts and links to comprehensive information about all abortion options, and get connected to help and support services locally.

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