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Change Your Body Language To Be Relaxed When Approaching Som

   By: Robert Torrey

Get a Girl To Seduce You By Changing Your Body Language.

Your attitude and confidence are directly connected to your body language.

I had a talk once with this guy who was really successful with women. He told me about how our body language is the majority of communication between people not the actual words.

This sub communication can be viewed through a variety of nonverbal communication cues, including hand, head, and leg movement, overall posture, touch, gestures, smiles and frowns, gaze, pauses, voice tone, voice pitch, eye contact and breathing patterns.

How you carry yourself will directly effect how you feel. Try these exercises below.

Hold your head up high, have a huge grin that is stretched ear to ear, while you walk proudly and notice how you feel.

Afterwards try to walk around with a big frown on your face, slouch, hold your head down, put your hands in your pockets and notice how you feel when you do this.

Did you notice a big difference from both of these body postures?

Anybody can find lots of information about other people by their body language. You can tell if a female is outgoing, if she is into you, if she is into somebody else, and especially if somebody is shy or just nervous.

Think about somebody who is really confident and good with women maybe somebody like Will Smith in the movie Hitch.

Now, take a look how he walks, how he sits, how he speaks... and how he gets VERY relaxed quickly in a situation that would make most guys very uncomfortable. He is calm, relaxed, commands attention, looks you in the eyes and takes up space.

When I walk into a nightclub. I act as if I own the place. I sit on the chair and take up a ton of space. I’m spread out as much as possible My feet are up on the table.

When I talk to somebody I get their attention first than I go into a relaxed body position. I’ve found that when I do this everybody is more responsive and interested in what I have to say. I can lead them very easily. This is because I'm comfortable and relaxed which I owe to my body language

About the Author

Robert Torrey is one of the instructors for Fidentia. A company that teaches men dating confidence in live workshops given around the country. for more info. Subscribe to their free newsletter.

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