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Change Your Dating Pattern And Catch Your Dream Woman

   By: William Berg

Change your dating pattern and catch your dream woman by doing something unexpected.

Allthough meating a woman may not solve all your problems. Finding someone to share your life with can be the best thing that ever happened to you. You can increase the chance of that happening by taking a look at the way you date.

Lets face it, most dates are just the same old dates that everybody ells take their dates to. Take a good look at you own dating habits. Do you usually do anything out of the ordinary for the girl when you planning your dates. The answer is most likely NO.

You might not take your date to the classical dinner and a movie but rather something more fun like a day in an amusement park but let’s face it. You are hardly the only guy that does that and odds are that your date wont be the first of its kind for your special lady

Not that the classic dates doesn’t have their charm, and I know that many women loves a fine dinner in a nice restaurant. But it still isn’t something that really makes you stand out from the rest, nothing that she will remember for years to come whether you end up together or not. To really make an impression you have to make it seem like your something else then all the losers she dated in the past, even though odds say that you most likely are the same. You’re a man aren’t you?

So how do you make a date worth remembering? Well there are a lot of good and bad ways. You could flash her and she would most likely remember you for a long time, but I guarantee you she wouldn’t remember you fondly after that and if she moves in the same circles as you, you can be sure that she will ruin your chances with o lot of other women in those circles too. On the other hand a good surprising experience could very well improve your chances with other women in her circles even if you don’t get the girl in question.

I would recommend that you try to add some adventure into your dates. There are a lot of small adventures available that doesn’t have to cost more then a dinner at a nice restaurant. There are the more extreme adventures like going sky diving that defiantly has a nice surprise and out of the ordinary quality to it. Unfortunately enough thats might be a little to much for your date to handle if she for example has a fear of heights. A better alternative can be scuba diving. By taking her scuba diving on your date you take her into a completely new and exotic beautiful realm. Not to mention that a boat ride always can be a nice touch on any date and the fact that you have to help her put on and off her scuba gear. A little harmless physical contact!

The benefits of diving are that anyone can do it, and you don’t have to have any license to make a trial dive. Unlike for example sky diving, scuba diving doesn’t trigger as much fear and most people would be thrilled at the opportunity to see the world under the surface. It is an adventure that you make together. Something that makes things even better is that many dive boats serve food so you can enjoy a good meal (yes, the food is often good) after your dive and enjoy the ocean on your way back. I guarantee that it is an experience that few women have ever had on a date before, and an experience she will carry with her for many years to come. Who know you just might be living and diving together for many years to come. And even if you don’t have such luck you would definitely not seem to be just anther guy, but rather a guy a girl might want to recommend to her girlfriends even if she doesn’t hock u with you.

A diving trip doesn’t have to take more time then any regular date. A few hours is enough and it doesn’t have to cost more then a nice dinner. You can find places to that offers diving almost regardless of where you live in the world and you can most likely find a lake that offers great diving even if you live in the middle of the country.

Of course diving is only one way to make an unusually, memorable date, and I am sure you can find many more ways. But regardless of what you choose to do, I guarantee that an unusually memorable date is always worth the time and preparations they require to plan.

And if you want to be even more special than all of us making things like taking our dates diving, take your girl night diving, that way your date includes both a new dark and mystical world to explore and a moonlight boat ride. A moonlight boat ride when you can talk about what you experienced in that mystical exotic new world you just shared.

Remember don’t be just another guy.

About the Author

To find out more about scuba diving and perhaps start planning a scuba diving date in the area where you live visit Scuba diving point where you can find the answer you are looking for about scuba diving.
Written by William Berg

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