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Content Means Nothing Without Context

   By: Andrew Henry

Have you ever stopped to wonder why some people seem to be able to attract luck and success while others get nowhere?

Have you seen some people move up quickly through a company while their colleagues (who seem to have similar abilities) remain stagnant in their position?

Have you found yourself working hard and wondering why you don't seem to get the rewards and success that others (who don't appear more capable) seem to be able to get better results?

Internet Marketers will be able to relate to this particularly.

What I'm about to tell you will seem like a very simple concept, and it is. The power comes from its simplicity - anyone can apply this principle to effect positive changes within their life, however most people don't - And that's exactly why it can work for you.

I've spoken many times about the need to be clear about WHY you're doing something. I've also said that I believe that there's a lot of power in modelling people who are already successful at what they do, especially if they're position is one that you're aiming to attain.

The biggest problem with modelling other people is that to be able to produce similar results, you need to know what the context for their actions was, for example: If you see someone creating Joint Ventures with other online marketers and apparently being able to do it with ease, if the reason they were doing it was because they have a child in hospital with a life-threatening condition and they need to raise money for medical expenses - You can bet that they're more committed and that the people they contact are more receptive to helping, than for someone starting an online business in their spare time for extra cash.

So, be sure you know WHY you're doing something before you start, and that you're not just copying the actions of someone else without a burning motivation of your own.

Ok, now's the time to clarify your motivation and overlay all of your actions and decisions onto your reason for them.

You'll find this makes sense of what could've been confusing decisions.


Andy Henry

About the Author

Andrew Henry is an author, information publisher, student of human nature
and success coach. Andrew runs several forums and shares a wealth of Success and Motivation information from his website at

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