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   By: Irvin L. Rozier


I always plant a large garden every year
Once my watermelons were ate by a deer
A bountiful garden comes once in a while
Gives food on the table and makes me smile

I plant watermelons, corn, squash, and peas
The sunflowers I plant are food for the bees
I once grew cantaloupes as sweet as honey
Once my squash was zucchini, it was funny

Many times my gardens have survived drought
A few times it drowned, O how I did pout
Despite the weather, the insects and the weeds
I'll plant my garden with a variety of seeds

Those tiny seeds will spring from the ground
O my I spy another fire ant mound
It's a battle to have a bountiful harvest
But each year I plant and pray for the best

I know gardens are a gift from above
I plant mine with care and tend it with love
The garden of Eden was planted by God
I wonder how he felt as he worked the sod

This year I ate some silver queen corn
I picked it from my garden one Friday morn
Straight from the stalk to the pot it went
That sweet corn was worth the effort spent

Copyright 2005 Irvin L. Rozier

About the Author

Author of My Walk with the Lord,, various other poems and articles (do a google or yahoo search on my name), preacher, retired military

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