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Patio Awnings

   By: Garry John

In these days of climate change, the UK summer is believe or not, getting warmer and sunnier. Whilst this gives us opportunity to enjoy more time in the garden and sitting on the patio. It also means we need to take measures to protect against the sun's harmful rays. This is where a patio awning comes in.

Many properties have french windows or patio doors leading onto the patio or decking area of the garden. This area has been much under used and folks do not realise the benefits from having an awning attached above the french doors and the extra dimension this will give. It is like having another living room. With the shelter the awning provides, the patio can be used regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

As previously discussed, the patio awning will provide protection from the harmful ultra voilet rays, which is a major concern in modern times. In addition, the awning will obviously protect from summer rain as well, which means you will not have to keeping dodging the showers and moving furniture in and out. As the furniture is protected from sun and rain, the awning will help stop the elements damaging the furniture.

The awning will basically give you a second dining room as well as living room and you will be able to enjoy all your meals outside under the protective canvas. The awning will offer some protection for barbeques as well and offer some insurance against the unpredictable summer showers. Not only will you be able to dine alfresco, but also with some privacy from onlooking neighbours.

Patio awnings is generally more expensive than you may imagine, particularly if you require a tailor made one. Generally speaking you will not need planning permission for a patio awning, but it's always wise to double check with your local authority. The fabric generally used for a patio awning is a teflon coated fabric which protects against the elemensts and is treated with an anti-mildew coating. They will also be "UV-stablished" to resist fading. The treatments should be gauranteed by the manufacturer.

A patio awning gains you extra living space and allows you to enjoy some alfresco dining for an extended summer.

About the Author

Garry John contributes regularly to gardening sites such as lawn mowers and garden furniture.

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