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Ten Creative Headboard Ideas For Frugal Decorators

   By: Pamela Cole Harris

Need a new headboard, but don't have a fortune to spend? How
about using things you already have or things that others may
want to discard to make a custom headboard that is not only
stylish and creative, but inexpensive as well!

Here are some ideas to help stir those creative juices (be
careful not to spill 'em!)!

1. Use an old door. If you want a classic wood look, sand and
stain the door to match existing furniture. Or paint the
door and distress for a vintage look. If the door is paneled,
the inserts can be painted a contrasting color, stenciled
with elegant designs, or decoupaged with fabric or handmade

2. Use a section of wooden picket or wrought iron fencing.
The sections can be painted and fastened with bolts or hooks.

3. Use trellis. Decorate with ivy, silk flowers and ribbons for
a Country French look or simply paint.

4. Use old window frames. Leave painted window frames as is for
a distressed look. Or paint a garden scene (or use a wallpaper
mural) behind the frames to give the illusion of looking

5. Use folding screens. An elegant folding screen with fabric
or painted panels can be easily attached to the wall or
left standing for a simple headboard solution.

6. Use vintage napkins or placemats. The linen can be hung on
curtain rod which is attached decorative rod holders just
above the bed.

7. Use scrap plywood or MDF covered by cedar siding or paneling.
The headboard can have a rustic, lodge look if covered by
cedar shakes or a more traditional look if covered by
tongue-in-groove paneling.

8. Use shutters. Stain or paint the shutters to create a country
or cottage look in your romantic bedroom.

9. Use framed photos. Create an arrangement of photos grouped
by size, frame color or theme to give the illusion of a

10. Use a quilt or tapestry. Mount the fabric over a shower
curtain or café curtain rod using curtain hooks with a clip
bottom. This looks great in a country or European-style

If you use your imagination, tiles, strips of fabric, bookcases,
the back of an old sofa, a large poster or wooden shelves can
all be used to fashion a headboard. Look around your home! Look
in the dumpster! There are hundreds of items which can be used!

Now...what can we make with these margarine tubs? Any ideas?
About the author:

Pamela Cole Harris is a writer with over 35 years experience
(Gosh! Has it been that long?). Her expertise on decorating on a
budget comes from her own experience (Is Early Graduate Student a
style?). Visit her website,,
for her unique view of home decorating and remodeling (and a free
monthly newsletter!). Or for free syndicated content for your
website, visit:

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