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5 Hot Tips To Boost Your Website Traffic Using Free Tools

   By: Chris K.

The net is a truly remarkable place because there are so many ways of skinning a cat. The cat we are talking about here is traffic. Simply put, the higher the traffic, the more successful the site.

Despite the fact that everybody strives for traffic, many webmasters pay out lots of cash only to end up with mediocre results. And yet the net provides free tools, some of them little known, most of them ignored. These tools can help improve the volume of traffic headed to your blog or website.

Here is how you can use free tools to increase traffic.

a) Analyze your current traffic

The best place to start is by accessing free available research on your site. If you have not been tracking your visitor install one of the many free traffic counters available online that also have tracking capabilities and collect data for a week or so.

This will give you lots of valuable information including where most of your traffic comes from, which are the most popular pages and so on.

b) Where do your clients congregate?

This information will answer a very important and crucial question. Where do your clients usually congregate on the net? Which sites do they frequent the most?

This information is worth its’ weight in gold as we shall see later in this article.

c) Launch a blog

Blogs tend to enjoy much higher traffic in general than websites do. One of the reasons is their informal nature. By knowing where your clients congregate, you will know exactly what interests them the most and therefore how to attract them.

Blogs are simple to manage and maintain and what’s more you can set them up for free using any of the many free blog hosting services. They can be extremely effective in directing traffic to your website

d) Write and post articles

Once you know where your clients tend to meet or congregate on the web, you will also be in the perfect position of knowing exactly where to post your free articles. Writing and posting articles is a much more powerful online marketing strategy than most people realize. This is because, done properly, it will also have an amazing and powerful; impact ion improving your search engine rankings and therefore the traffic you receive from search engines.

Make sure that apart from posting the articles at your blog, also post them at article directories, ezine publishers and announcement lists.

e) Use a traffic exchange site

Some people look down on traffic exchange sites. This is a big mistake. In traffic exchange sites, you win traffic to your own site by visiting others belonging to other members who have signed up at the traffic exchange site. While it is true that not everybody who visit from a traffic exchange site will be interested in what you have to offer, some will inevitably be. It is a great way to launch a campaign for increased traffic because it will give your site more exposure. It is like advertising your product on prime time TV. Many will not be interested and even fewer will respond. But the tiny fraction that shows interest and ends up buying can be a significant figure. So the idea should be to win as much traffic to your site as possible.


About the Author

About the author: Chris K. is a Technical Executive Writer for Website Source, Inc. His established writing skills coupled with experience in the website hosting industry have provided internet professionals with marketing, product and service ideas for many years.

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