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7 Ways & Places To Sponsor New Distributors

   By: Zamri Nanyan

7 Ways & Places To Sponsor New Distributors
by Zamri Nanyan

Would you like to get a continuous stream of leads and
prospects than you can ever imagine?

If you are serious about your network marketing business,
then you know that you have to bring in a lot of leads
so that you can prospect and sponsor many of them in your

It's not only you, your downline also need a lot of people
to talk to. It is that crucial.

Only after you find and develop a few good leaders, then,
you can start seeing exponential growth in your business.

Your leaders are now independent. They are pursuing their
dreams and building the business for themselves.

Apparently, they are also building your big paychecks.
Your leaders won't stop building the business until
they too are getting the residual income they desire.

Then, only then, you can think about walking out of the
business and still collecting your growing network
marketing checks for the rest of your life.

So, now you know that getting a lot of prospects to
talk to is that very important to long term success.

Propecting is the lifeblood of this business.

The next question would be "where and how to find the

Get the answers to this question, and you'll be a step
ahead of majority of the not-so-well-informed networkers.

There are many ways and places to find and sponsor new
distributors. Here are briefly 7 of the unusual ones.

1. Network with non-profit organizations (NPOs) and
leverage from their contact lists and activities
they organize. If possible, sign up these NPOs as
distributors. Their members could possibly join
your network through these NPOs.

2. Start a breakfast club of business owners, with the
intention to exchange referrals for free. You'll
get pre-sold prospects who are more than happy to
hear about your business.

3. Use press release to get free exposure about your
company. You could send out news about new product
launch or news about your company's activities.
Make sure your contact info is posted as well.

4. Use catchy headlines to turn ordinary people into
eager, hot prospects every time they ask what you
do for a living.

Your answer could be "I show people how to pick up
an extra paycheck from the post box every month,
and they don't have to get a second job to do that."

Don't know how to create good headlines? This neat
software could help you:

5. Use message boards and forums to post interesting
messages to attract prospects. Put signature file,
which swiftly tells about your opportunity or
products, at the end of your messages.

6. Run sponsoring competitions. Reward your downline
who get the highest number of people to join the
business or the highest number of guests they bring
to the opportunity meetings.

7. Use 'two envelops' method. Ask prospects if they are
interested to hear about your opportunity. Give an
envelop labeled "INTERESTED" to hot prospects. Give
an envelop labeled "UNINTERESTED" to the not
interested prospects. Both envelops could contain
your company or business information.

There you have it - the 7 unusual but effective
prospecting ideas.

This is just a small list of many other ways to build
your business, and they are taken from Tom "Big Al"
Schreiter & Art Jonak's 103 Ways & Places To Sponsor
New Distributors, 500+ page manual.

If you are serious about getting unlimited number
of prospects to sponsor, you can get this big manual
from the website below.

And, how about a preview of 7 more prospecting ideas
from the same power-pack manual? Here's where you
can get them for free.

Happy Networking!

About the Author

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