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A Dr Ken Evoy’s “Getting Started Action Guide.” Review

   By: George Rusky

A Dr Ken Evoy’s “Getting Started Action Guide.” Review
By George Rusky

Dear Reader,
I want to start with the purpose of the e-book “Get Started Action Guide”

The goal of this 128 pages book is not stated by the writer either in the introduction or in any other part of the Guide.


There’s here is a special reason for that: “Getting started Action Guide” is not written for all!

The book is a start line for only those who joined the 5 Pillar Affiliate Program.
A free gift! A privilege for chosen!

For the rest of the readers, the book is not available, even for money!
(If I hadn’t joined the ranks of 5 Pillar Affiliate Program, I would have never known about that this wonder-book existed :-) )

Now I exactly know, that the Guide was written: To get off to a FAST and Organized affiliate start.

In his welcome e-mail to new affiliates Ken writes: ”To really ORGANIZE your 5 Pillar Business, please print thise-mail and keep it in a 3-ring binder.

But don't close that binder just yet... :-) Add a printed copy of the "Getting Started Action Guide" aswell. Our very best cream-of-the-crop strategies are allbundled together for personal one-stop value-packed reading.(Downloading details will follow.)Your binder is your blueprint for success. Refer to itoften -- especially, each time a new product is launched…”
(Dr Ken Evoy’s welcome message sent to me 1.9.2004)

The next set of goals is explained in the “Read me first” documents that introduces new affiliates to the Guide:

“The "Getting Started Action Guide" is your personal road map
to success. Everything you need to know about building a
profitable affiliate business is included in the Guide - in
an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow pdf. format.”

Let me repeat the main goal of the Guide:

“An affiliate is given a personal road map to success”

Based on years of his and others’ experiences with affiliate programs, the author produced the manual that sponged the most usable push-ups for 5 Pillar Program Affiliates.

Educating affiliates, preparing them for grasping the elements of making money with the program, developing the affiliate business, Ken Evoy sees as the crucial task of the book.

By the way, the author doesn’t invent any passwords, any codes to protect “Getting Started Action Guide” from those affiliates who join the program just for getting the access to the Guide and other amazingly richly written unique affiliate sources, such as Affiliate Manual, Affiliate Masters Courses, and the like…

Of course you may say: ” Who is, actually Dr Ken Evoy and why should we believe him more than anyone else?!”
Find the answer under the closing notes of the review.

The Contents of the Guide.

Part One.

Dr Evoy treats his affiliates as “partners-in-sales” and therefore provides everything his business partners will ever need to launch their affiliate business.

The First chapter is dedicated to the products of the company SiteSell, the Brand.
The author believes that knowing the products you sell is the only possibility to lead a potential client to the purchase, to help her to pay for the product.
A short list of products’ benefits occupies the first chapter of the Guide.

I personally agree with this approach: I’ve always been able to convince my listeners to do something I liked doing.

Here, at this stage, the author doesn’t overwhelm the readers with the detailed information about the products, some main lines for general orientation.

I can agree with that too. Every product has its description on the company’s site, anyway.

The 5 Pillar Program itself is the product. The chapter four gives the basic model for the 5 Pillar Program.

A few words should be said about the system of calculating commissions.
Full of acronyms, like CoTTE (Stands for Commission on Total Team Earnings,) RPSC (Repeat-Purchase Sales Commission,) and the like, do not make a fresh affiliate’s life easier, at first, it needs time for understanding and training, but with money it’s always just that :-)

Fifth Chapter is about the 5 Pillar Club Web Site

The Club is the real place where everything for affiliate business is ‘on the plate with the blue border.’

I’m not going to numerate the long list of the tools and strategies awaited there. It’s something that just must be seen.

The last word about this chapter: the writer takes the responsibility to send you weekly
The Five Pillar Affiliate Report.

80-20 Guide is the title of the 6th chapter.

This is the chapter-guide to the “very best traffic-building, business-growing ideas and strategies for PREselling SiteSell products”
The first time in the book, Ken states the biggest mistake that affiliates make. The most tragic misunderstanding of the affiliate concept: ignoring the basic platform of Preselling Your Merchant’s Products, the pivotal philosophy of the affiliate business.
Those readers who have never heard about Preselling and try to earn a good living with affiliate business are simply doomed to fail.

My recommendation right away:
“Stop Everything and grasp the copy of Getting Started Action Guide as soon as you can, unless it is too late.

I have to admit, that Ken provides some links to various sources with relevant information, which, I guess, makes it hard to read line after line, jumping from one site to the other.
But, again, it’s my experience.

6.2 Part II… Get Set

Nine Steps of the Successful affiliate. Pages 59-66. Read - Do module.

When I start working with affiliates who are confused with the wealth of affiliating-related sources, I always recommend them to stop and come back to the basics: Getting Started Action Guide.
This book is not a report of historical events of the first decade of the nineteenth century in the southern Bohemia.
This manual is not for reading!
It’s for doing
With pointing finger on a Step One: “Convert by PREselling”
Read what to do and ask yourself: ”Am I going to do it?” or “ Have I done it jet?”
Yes? Great. Tick.
Step Two: ”Checklist… Know Yourself, Your Products, Your Target…”
“Have I checked that jet?” and so forth, all nine steps.

Chapter 6.3 Part Three

On 25 pages are introduced 14 strategies, the essence of building rocket-launch affiliate long-run business.
This part is pictured with the perspective of dynamically developed teamed cooperation of affiliates-the foundation of stable growing constantly money making organism.

At the same time, I must admit that a reader with elementary knowledge of business basics and affiliate one in particular, can get easily lost.
Ken’s philosophy of “Information-Information-Information over-delivering” may lead to the opposite effect: a future affiliate “magnate” will never become one.
Lost and never found in the ocean of Information.

More and more often I bump into the question of how to decide whose “guruing” to follow.
So, dear readers, be prepared to get over-delivered.
But, if you are well-organized, well-trained to arrange your doing progress, Get Starting Action Guide is your choice.

A special section is devoted to “Frequently Asked Questions,” a friendly dialogue between affiliates and the author of 5 Pillar Affiliate Program.

A conclusion of the Author, or as he wrote, the Wrap-Up

Ken writes: ”Well, that just about it. Everything you need to succeed with your 5 Pillar Affiliate Business is contained with in…”

First, when I read that for the first time I begged: “Sorry Ken for interrupting. It’s just theory. Bare theory.
Who will inspire, motivate, even force me to do all you have numerated in Get Starting Action Guide?!”

“All you have to do,” continues Ken, “is get started. Once you do SOMEthing, whatever appeals to you most, “DOING” becomes easier and easier…and income becomes bigger and bigger…”

Well, guys, isn’t it the right time we got started?

Conclusion of the author of the Review.

The significance of the “Getting started Guide” is difficult to overestimate.
Experts of affiliate business (when you go to join the 5 Pillar Affiliate, see link below,) unanimously accepted the uniqueness of the material.
If I could vote for the only one training manual for affiliate business, I would stop my eye on this book.
Getting Started Action Guide is the first book in the series of affiliate materials written by Dr Ken Evoy.
The next one is called 5 Pillar Manual. The amazing trio crowns The Affiliate Masters Course.

George Rusky

P.S. All information about Ken Evoy and his 5 Pillar Program
You may find when you click on the web site above
or send me an e-mail.

About the author:
George Rusky, a resident of Prague, the Czech Republic 27 years of experience n the area of education and consulting affiliate coach for the owners of small businesses

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