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An Unfair Advantage In Online Success.

   By: Stuart Johnstone

An Unfair Advantage in Online Success...

By Stuart Johnstone

There’s one easy way to obtain an unfair advantage in any business, and that’s
to duplicate a successful business model. Think about it, that’s exactly why a
Franchise is so successful. The Franchisees duplicate the Franchiser’s
Tried & Tested Successful Business Model. To have an Unfair Advantage Online
You need to access Proven, Successful, Techniques and Systems. Techniques which
have already been Tried, Tested, and most importantly Profited from.

By investing in a Quality Internet Marketing Course, you can Jump Start your
Online Business, and Save a bucket load of money in the process by avoiding
costly mistakes.

Would you rather make an Online Fortune by investing £50+ in Tested Proven
Methods, or would you rather loose £5,000 in potential profits because you
wasted time re-inventing the wheel and learning things the hard way.

There’s no point re-inventing the wheel. Yes it may seem like a great idea to
save money by Not purchasing a course, but believe me it’s not.

I know, I’ve been there. I wasted 2 years trying to pick things up here and
there just to avoid paying for the information I really needed. All I did was
go round in circles, loose money, and waste time. I don’t even want to think
about how much money I could’ve made in those 2 years. Eventually I accepted
the fact that I needed help and I invested in quality, proven, information &
techniques. Literally overnight everything turned on its head. Within a couple
of months of using the techniques I was making money!

I followed the steps A, B, C, 1, 2, 3 just as I’d been taught, and to my
astonishment the money came in as I’d been promised. I couldn’t believe it...
the reality just wouldn’t sink in. The information I’d invested in was worth
every single penny.

I was astonished at how off track I’d actually been before I invested in the
information. To be honest, I doubt whether I’d ever have discovered the systems
on my own. I reckon I’d either have given up hope, or run out of money.

I know guys who’ve spent 6 years just learning what works and what doesn’t online.
They package all this information into a course and then offer it to others, so
that they can literally hit the ground running. Why wait 6 years when you can
learn it now!

This may surprise you, but the average business owner has no idea what works
online. I’ll say that again, “the average business owner has no idea what works
online”. They simply slap up a web page with an order button and think that’s all
they need to do. 6 months later they wonder why they’ve made little or no sales.

To make matters worse you get rouges that will take advantage of this fact. They’ll
promise you the earth, take your money, and then provide you with rubbish. They’ll
sell you methods & techniques which have never been tried, tested or proven.

You’ll also get people who although are well meaning, will unintentionally point
you in the wrong direction. They’ve heard something so many times that eventually
they believe it themselves. Even though they’ve never actually tried it out.

So in Summary, investing in the right information may seem painful but it can pay
for itself tenfold. Don’t put off your success any longer!

Yours In Success,
Stuart Johnstone

=> As a bonus to this report, I’ve listed 5 Key Steps you need to take in your
Internet Business.

==>> 1) Find a hungry market before you develop or buy rights to your product.
If you start out with a product and then try to find a market to sell it to, you’re
making things so much harder. It’s much easier to find a market of people who are
already searching for a certain kind of product, and then simply provide the product
to suit. The hungrier the market for your product, the more success you are likely
to have. Don’t waste your time trying to convince a market to buy, find a market
where they are desperate to buy the product you can supply.

==>> 2) Build your email list as quickly as possible.
This is where you can make the majority of your sales, and your fortune! Collect
your customers email address without fail when they visit your site, then contact
them regularly. Most people will not buy during the first visit to your site, so
by collecting their email address you can contact them a 2nd, 3rd, 4th time etc.
It costs you nothing to send them an email (except maybe the cost of your Internet

==>> 3) Generate Traffic.
The purpose of your advertising is obviously to produce sales, either directly
(going for the sale straight away), or indirectly (getting their contact information
and going for the sale at different intervals). Large companies with a large marketing
budget can afford to advertise for various other reasons, i.e. to create brand
awareness, to create brand strength etc. The sole purpose of your adverts is to
produce sales.
Code and test every advert. Code them so you can see which ads have pulled, and
test every aspect i.e. headlines, guarantees, offers, etc.

==>> 4) Have a Compelling Offer and convert this traffic into Sales.
It's all very well generating traffic and making an offer to your lists, but you
need to convert this traffic & these leads into sales. A dozen hungry customers
desperate to buy your products are worth more than tons of traffic. The best way
to convert traffic is through the wording and layout of your offer. You need an eye
catching headline, great sub-headers, superb content, bullet points, some pictures,
and of course a great product. Obviously you also need order links, unless you've got
money to burn!

==>> 5) Invest in a Quality Internet Marketing Course.
As I’ve said, the Key to Success is to have the right information, and the benefit of
an experts experience. Use their Model of Success and Duplicate their results, don’t
re-invent the wheel. By investing in our Internet Marketing programs, you can access
the advice of an expert, who has proven in front of a live audience that YOU can do
it too! We offer a Better Than Money Back Guarantee so what have you got to loose?

Stuart Johnstone Reveals the Secret Proven Methods used by Online Experts.
Receive the Free Report, "115 Internet Marketing Techniques To Earn £66,667 or More
Per Year Online!" today and learn how ANYONE with half-a-brain can build a multi-million
pound business on the Internet with a few simple steps.

==>> For a copy of our FREE Report simply email your Name to
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About the author:

Stuart Johnstone Reveals the Secret Proven Methods used by Online Experts.

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