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Close More Sales With A Direct Approach

   By: Chris Ellington

Pretty much anyone you ask rolls their eyes when talking about salespeople. "Windbag", "Schmoozer" and "Full of hot air" are the phrases that come to mind - well, those are the nice phrases.

Salespeople have bad reputations. Many times this reputation is well deserved, meaning that prospects have their BS-meter turned way up when you walk into the room. Yes it's true, you are instantly transformed from "small business owner" into "salesperson" and all of a sudden they don’t trust you.

You can close more sales than your competition by simply avoiding the alarms on that BS-meter. Don't flim-flam and don't dance around the issues. Be direct and straight-shooting. Life is too short to waste time trying to couch things inside hidden meanings. If it needs to be said, say it. If you shouldn't say it, shut up. Simple? Yes.

Effective? Very!

When you are calling on a prospect, don’t pretend you are his long lost brother. Start the presentation with an expectation of forming a business relationship. Make it clear that this business relationship benefits his company, his team and his own position.

Tell him exactly which of his problems you are there to solve. Let him know that the problems have solutions, and that you can deliver those solutions. But it isn’t just about you delivering solutions. You must deliver solutions within his particular constraints. He has price constraints, time constraints and political constraints. Make sure you address each of his needs and before you walk out of the room tell him whether or not you can deliver those solutions within his particular constraints.

You'll find that an opening like this shortens your sales cycles. You will be recognized as a "breath of fresh air". Prospects don't like BS. Give it to them straight.

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