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Are You Failing To Attract Traffic To Web Site - Www.My-Belo

   By: Graeme Sprigge

Do you know the two biggest reasons for lack of traffic to your product site or affiliate site?

Is it competetion? Is it the crazy search engine algorithms?

It's neither of these things! The 2 biggest reasons are:

1) You have a lack of knowledge - I'm sorry to be blunt
2) You are not using the right tools

This should actually make you feel better for a moment - because now you can logically do something about it rather than "spinning your wheels"

Let's assume you are at point a and you want to get to point b.

Getting there requires a map. The map is basically a traffic plan.

So the first step is to have a definite traffic plan and then DO the plan.

The second step is utilize additional tools to 'turbocharge' your plan.

These two techniques combined will attract traffic to website - real traffic, targetted traffic and ongoing traffic.

To build a real traffic pulling site requires persistence and technology. Combine the two and you WILL attract traffic to your site.

I have 2 websites in a very competetive niche. I constantly need to work on them to build traffic. But because I know I am using traffic methods that work, I know I will eventually have good traffic to my sites. My traffic stats are constantly climbing.
I'll let you know a secret - I didn't even have my sites listed in the search engines and I was getting traffic to them. You can do this too.

FFA advertising sites are pretty much useless these days for serious traffic generation. The search engines are getting much smarter and will ban your site if you use black techniques, so you really need to do some research and learn what works without breaking the rules.

So to summarize, getting traffic involves knowledge and tools. By reading my traffic package info which is free you will start to get the knowledge and by taking advantage of the powerful tool I show you will form a killer combination.

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Finally, discover the knowledge you need to take your site from a zero to an infinity of traffic, leaving your competition in the dust

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