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The Sheer Bliss Of Gardening

   By: Bea Kunz

Welcome to Bea's Beatitudes
By: Bea Kunz

The Sheer Bliss Of Gardening

Summer is upon us and our thoughts are turning more and more to the outside part of our world.

I have read somewhere that gardening in the south is all about our 'roots' about who your people were and where you come from. After thinking about that for awhile I think it's probably some truth in that statement.

When I'm planning my gardens, my mind takes me back to my childhood and the years of growing up on the farm. The gardens and the field's with row after row of vegetables and flowers, almost without conscious thought I find myself planting the things I remember from those years.

Herb's are a vivid memory and my first love in the garden. A bounty of culinary herbs is a grand gardening goal!

If you haven't planted a garden yet, it's not too late.

Now we know everyone doesn't live in the country...but guess what? You can still have a garden, a few pretty containers on your deck or by your door overflowing with herbs and flowers will bring you the same joyful sensation as a more expanded garden would.

It's easy, inexpensive and so much fun!

Gardening is magic and educational. You can travel all around the world and to ancient times as you search the history of different plants. Many have biblical roots.

Herbs are not only beautiful growing in your flower beds they are also beneficial.

Some Things You May Not Know:

Plant garlic in with your roses: Keeps pest away and is a great booster to the growth of the rose bush.

Marigolds scattered through-out your garden will keep your soil free of bad nemotodes.

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