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"Create A Flood Of Traffic With 500 Words"

   By: Shannon Emmanuel

Are you looking to increase your relevancy in the search engines? You probably have heard that increasing the links to your site has an impact on your listing. But did you know you can do it without waiting, or asking other sites to link to you themselves?
If you can write a 500-1000 word article about your business, you can increase your links in 24 hours.
Here's the secret: Every article submitted to article directories includes a resource box. This is a short sentence or paragraph about the author. By including the link to your site (MUST include http://) you can post YOUR link as many places as you want. There are dozens of free article directories that provide content for websites and newsletter publishers who are just waiting for fresh content.
If your article is used by someone, your link goes with it as they are not allowed to remove the credits/resources. So they do even more advertising for you.
The great thing about article submission is that the major search engines, Google, Yahoo etc. spider the big sites far more often than litte ol' you and me, so they will find you within a few days when you post at a large directory.
The key to a good article (and you'll find some sites with more specific guidelines) is that it CANNOT be an obvious ad for your company. Create a 'How To' or '10 Ways to...' type article relevant to your business. At the end write something like this:
"So-and-So is running her own business while raising a family. She has been providing services (or product, information, etc.)to the __________ community for over 2 years. You can find more information about _________ at http://www.h*"
Try this out and search for "article directories" at Google, and start submitting your articles to gain traffic.
Wishing everyone success this year!

About the Author

While raising two young daughters, Shannon and her husband, Cyprian, are helping others start and promote their own home business with articles, resources and recommended programs. Find more information at

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