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Don’t Be A Sucker

   By: Maricon Williams

Knowledge of the law gives you the edge to exercise and protect your rights and to restrict yourself from any act or omission prohibited by the laws of the land. Ignorance of the law excuses no one. However, how will you know that you are already abused or defrauded if you do not know the boundaries of your protection?

These days, most of the claimants are unaware of what they should do to pursue a claim. They still entertain a lot of misconception at the back of their minds. Winning a claim does not depend on the age of the claimant. It does not follow that social security claim where the claimants are children are easily approved than those pursued by adults. It does not also mean that if you are not disabled you are not deserving of the claim and it will likely be denied. It does not also follow that if a physician has given his statement in support to your case you can automatically earn merit to your claim.

In order to act accurately on the matter, we should first free our minds from misconceptions because misconceptions make as an easy target of fraud and falsehood.

Frequently, social disability and SSI claimants are simply given the wrong information. If your friend contacted the Social Security before his application for a claim and then he was told he could not file a disability claim because he was working, then, your friend has been misinformed. Individuals are permitted to work provided that their monthly gross earnings are less than the SGA or substantial gainful activity amount which is $830.00 per month.

Giving of wrong information may be made deliberately or otherwise. Why do this mistake and other related mistakes occur? If the misinformation was a deliberate act, then the personnel must be held liable for the deception. If it is on the negative, several reasons may have caused it. In many cases, it is caused by the incompetence of the person answering the phone at the local Social Security field office. Usually, he is referred to as service representative, he is not someone who actually works on cases called claim representatives. He may also lack knowledge about claims. That places you both in equal footing.

Often times also, mistake is due to human error – either on the part of the social security office or claimant. Social security disability and SSI are complex and technically hard division of the law. Its complexity can tend to confuse or mislead especially if the social security disability process was not clearly explained to the applicants.

Regardless of the reason why, information dispensed by the Social Security Office should never be taken totally at face-value, consultation of the same to an experienced lawyer in connection with the matter is highly recommended. Also, if you are in doubt, you must ask questions to another person in authority of your claim. Know your rights. Defend your stand, for you to be able to gain a favorable aftermath.

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