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   By: Vern Anderson

Wouldn't it be nice if some of those
ads you receive in your email everyday
were true?

Some like this, you can make a million
dollars This year, just click here.
OH Boy would that be nice.

I have been marketing different things on
the Internet for 6 years now and I have not
come close to that.

Don't fall for any of this. Making money
on the Internet is very hard to say the

There are no short cuts, no get rich deals
only a lot of hard work. If you are not ready
for all this, then don't even start.

I can tell you from years of experience that
it takes long hours of promote, promote and
promote some more.

You need order pulling ads at every possible
place you can find to put them. You need to
track your ads to determine what is working
and what is not.

Sometimes you can just change your headline
and make an ad pull like crazy. If it does
not discard it and move on to one that does
pull orders.

I have read over 100 ebooks, and I can tell
you a lot of them just need to be in the trash.

Everyone is trying to get rich by making an
ebook. Most are of no value at all.

Before you spend your hard earned dollars on
ebooks, look for free information on what you
are looking for. The free stuff a lot of times
is as good or better than the ebooks you pay for.

Always use your first instinct to determine what
you do. If your first instinct is not purchase
then don't purchase.

I wish I had done this a lot of times when I got
burned by some usless item. There are millions of
them on the Internet.

Take it from someone who has been there done that
and has all the scars to prove it, that if it sounds
too good to be true, you can bet the farm it is.

There are no get rich quick deals on the Internet
any more than there is in the brick and mortar

May God go with you.

Vern Anderson
101 South Cherry Street
Lexington, Illinois 61753

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