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A Lesson From The Trenches

   By: John Colanzi

Before I became addicted to the internet, one of my
hobbies was mail order.

One lesson I learned was that mail order dealers are
willing to share their ideas, if you're willing to
take the time to listen.

I still remember a letter I received from an old timer
by the name of David. For some reason he decided to
share how he got started in mail order.

His story is an amazing account of how to think like a

David's first exposure to mail order was through one of
those "How To Make $100 A Day" ads. He sent in his
money and eagerly waited for his money making plan.

A few weeks later he received his envelope in the mail.
He opened it up and low and behold he'd been hustled.

The secret plan turned out to be nothing more than a
letter telling him to post classified ads like the one
he had responded to and send the letter to buyers
telling them to do the same.

He felt cheated and was ready to give up. After
thinking about that letter for a few days, the light
bulb went off in his head.

If someone was making money sending out this one page
letter, imagine how much he could make offering real

That shift in his thinking was the beginning of his
life long career in mail order.

I'm sure I'm not the only person he shared that story
with. It makes me wonder how many people have been
helped, because one person had the vision to see not
what was, but what could be.

By sharing his story, David helped me. I hope by
passing it along, David can help you.

Wishing You Success,
John Colanzi
Street Smart Marketing

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