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ARTICLE: Weekly TIPS From Mr. Fantastic (5/5)

   By: Stan Billue

POSITIVE Tip from Mr. Fanta$tic
One of the quickest and easiest ways to develop a dramatically improved Attitude, is to start using a Magic Word or Magic Phrase. We'll have the opportunity to use it 50 to 200 times a day when people ask us how we're doing. Instead of whining at them by saying; Not bad for a Monday, or OK I guess, we can say; Great, Outstanding, Getting Better by the Minute, or If I was any higher on Life I could go Duck Hunting with a Rake. Several interesting things will happen:
[1] It gives us something to live up to. If we tell 50 people a day that we're Awesome, how can we now be Negative? We'd be the biggest hypocrite in the World.
[2] We will start to believe it. Imagine telling ourselves 50 to 200 times a day that we are Super. After a few days we actually start believing that we are Super.
[3] We will drive people nuts. Always remember that misery loves company and when people see that we are enjoying life, they will start to get jealous. They'll actually start asking us what we are so happy about or what someone is putting in our water at work.

SALES Skill from Mr. Fanta$tic
Here's a great Technique that can be used for both Buying and Selling. It's called the Disappointed Technique and although there are many variations, let's start with the easiest since it's only One Word. The word is Ooooooh. If we're Selling something, we can ask the Prospect how much they were planning on spending and when they give us an amount, we simply say Ooooooh. A majority of the time the Prospect will now ask if they need to start with more, which earns us the right to talk about a larger amount and increase the size of the Sale. If we're Buying something and ask the price, whatever price the Salesperson gives us, we simple say Ooooooh . A majority of the time they will now drop the price or add something on value. Granted it doesn't work if we're buying a Slurpee at the 7-11, however we can use it for an almost endless list of Products and Services where the price could be negotiable. Try it on Furniture, Cars, Hotels, etc., and you'll save thousands of dollars in the coming months and years.

About the Author:
STAN (Mr. Fanta$tic) BILLUE, CSP doubled his Income for 5 consecutive years in Sales and is a recognized expert in Sales Training, Motivation, Mentoring, and Marketing. You can contact him at or learn more at

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