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Autoresponders: Clinically Proven To Increase Sales (Part 1)

   By: Adam Kling

Autoresponders: Clinically Proven To Increase Sales (Part 1)
by Adam Kling © 2001

You've no doubt heard several reasons why you should use
autoresponders in your marketing efforts. But are you aware
that there is actually a behavioral trait within most people
that causes them to react to autoresponders? Why do they
work and how can you use this information to your benefit?

You may be familiar with a behavioral analysis called "DISC".
It takes a scientific approach to breaking down individual's
observable behavior. Each letter in the acronym DISC stands
for a type of behavior. What is interesting is to look at
where the majority of people fall within this standard.

Over 40% of our population falls into the category called
Steadiness. Let's look at a few of the characteristics of
this type of behavior to see why autoresponders work so
well and how to improve their effectiveness even more!

Those who fall into the Steadiness category have the
following general traits:

They value:

* harmony
* closure
* security
* structure
* loyalty

They are:

* detail oriented
* heavy into gathering information to make decisions
* low risk takers

Are you beginning to see a pattern?

Also, Steadiness types require a certain manner of
communication. They need you to be patient, provide a
logical approach, show how solutions benefit them, give
clear definitions, and eliminate the risk.

If we take out the key traits here, we'll see the reason why
autoresponders work so well. If written properly automated
messages offer structure, detail, risk elimination, show the
benefits and - above all - allow the buyer to take his/her
time in making the decision without forgetting about you.

It is the fact that 40% of the population - the majority -
fall into this category that explains the overwhelming
response you receive when using well-written autoresponder

In Part 2 of "Autoresponders: Clinically Proven To Increase
Sales" I'll explain how you can use autoresponders in your
business and several simple techniques you can use to make
your autoresponder messages work far better.


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