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Are There Really Shortcuts To Internet Marketing Success ?

   By: Detlev Reimer

If you want to be considered as an Internet marketing expert,
you have to be up to date with the techniques and trends of
today's Internet. The readers of your ezine, or your prospects
in general, won't appreciate it if you publish material that
worked one year ago. You have to make sure that it still works

Force Yourself To Read At Least Half An Hour Every Day.

Why ? Because it will pay off in the end. It is just a simple
calculation: Multiply 30 Minutes by 365 and you have read
182,5 hours or almost 8 full days nonstop 24 hours a day !

Increase your reading time, and you will increase your expertise... But it doesn't make any sense if you just read everything
about Internet marketing but never apply any of the tactics and
techniques. Then you have wasted your time and money ....


This often cited claim still is true. But it should be supplemented by : Up To Date And Applied Knowledge Is Power ! Or can
you think of an Internet marketing expert who proclaims: You
must use banner advertising to increase your sales !
Of course, not.

Study The Experts

So where do you get that knowledge from ? The best way is to
go to the sites of the "experts", well known marketers which
already are six figure earners, and have a look why their web
site, their sales letter is so successful. Study their marketing
material and adapt it (...not copy !! ) for your own business.
Read their archive of articles if they have one and most important of all:

Subscribe To Their Ezines.

Most of them are revealing quite a lot of their "secrets" in their
free newsletter (of course not everything or they wouldn't make
any future sales anymore...). Study their autoresponder message
series. How do they try to convince their prospects to buy their
item ?

How many times do they repeat their sales message for a special
item ? By subscribing to the best ezines in your area of expertise,
you can almost guarantee that you will adapt many of their
marketing habits, their writing style or even better, their power of
convincing people to buy their "stuff".

Make Money Fast ?

Internet marketing, especially selling information products is
nothing where people, who are really serious about it, can make
a lot of money in a very short time. If you are just starting out,
you don't have the traffic, the reputation or even the expertise to
sell information products worth $10.000 + .

This is a process, that takes a lot of time and devotion to your
business, before you are recognized as an expert and before you
can convince people to buy from you.

So, Are There Shortcuts To Internet Marketing Success ?

Internet marketing has a lot to do with trial and error. You could
save yourself a lot of time if you really READ the ebooks of the
experts, not only buy them and file them away. And when you
have understood what they are revealing, test it for yourself if it
really delivers.

Many of them explain in detail which mistakes they have made,
how they improved their abilities, how they got enough traffic etc.
If you READ this material and USE it , you have saved yourself
already a lot of time and yes, you have taken a shortcut because
you won't make their mistakes (instead, you are making your
own...., believe me ).

But making mistakes in general is also a way of learning. Don't
give up if something turns out to be the wrong decision. Be persistant, and you will succeed ! The ones who have made a lot of
mistakes, are those who have learned best!

Ask the experts....

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