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   By: Thomas Yoon

What's that burning smell?

If you are running machinery, you will be asked this sooner or
later. Machines produce heat. And heat produces burning smells.
It's as simple as that! I am sure many of us can sense that
something is not right when we smell burning. After all burning
means overheating. Machines are not meant to overheat. But
sometimes they do.


How to tackle this?

Is it from the electrical source, or the mechanical source? Is
there an overload in the electrical circuits? Is there a loose
electrical connection somewhere? How about mechanical? Are the
moving parts lubricated well? Does the lubrication oil take the
heat away?

Questions...and more questions... But that is the way to troubleshoot.
The more questions you ask, the better you are at arriving at the
solution. You look at the problem from all angles.

Give it a try! Ask questions, and more questions...

Until next time.... Happy troubleshooting!

Thomas Yoon is a successful entrepreneur that combines
engineering knowledge with business. With many years of working
experience in Marine, Facilities, Construction he invites
you to stop at and subscribe
to his facworld ezine at
where you can find a ton of information.

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