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How The Weapons Disappeared By George Bush

   By: Arthur Zulu

Fiction. That literary genre, supposed to be for dreamers, is growing fast. Not in the number of writers churning out fairy tales, but even among politicians—first citizens. And the number one citizen of the world for that matter—the President of the United States!

Not that George Bush actually wrote an epic novel. But what he told Fox News recently, if crafted into a story, could make a best seller and go on to win the next Pulitzer. When asked why he invaded Iraq on the excuse that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction when it actually had none, the President gave three reasons as to how the weapons disappeared.

First reason. ‘It might have been destroyed during the war.’

He meant that the fighting army during the war in Iraq destroyed the weapons of mass destruction. Perhaps those heavy military tanks shelling into the desert country destroyed it. Or those bombing military planes. In that case, the weapons were not hidden underground when the UN inspectors visited before the war. Or they were bribed. The weapons were conspicuously displayed in buildings—within the reach of everyone, even enemy army.

If this were so, we should hold these ‘liberators’ accountable for destroying this very bit of evidence. Not only did they destroy the weapons, they incinerated everything and scooped the ashes into the River Tigres so that David Kay couldn’t find any evidence. I propose that an International Court be set up to try these servicemen and women for destroying weapons of mass destruction. And the ‘members of the coalition of the willing’ should be re-named ‘members of the coalition of destruction.’

But if you are so skeptical not to believe this, there is another story.

Second reason. ‘They might have been destroyed by Saddam.’

My God! there is nothing that this Saddam can not do. Even in the midst of the war, he managed to destroy his dangerous weapons. But did he not need it to fight the ‘infidels’? Why should a good soldier destroy his weapons in the center of battle?

And this raises another question. What happens when nuclear weapons are exploded? Or was it that Saddam carried out a controlled, secretive, clever destruction of those weapons? This Saddam Hussein must be a genius of a kind—out of this world!

But Bush has another reason, if you are an unbeliever.

Third reason. ‘It might have been transported to other countries.’

This is the tag line. So Saddam carried those weapons to other countries undetected by the U.S. satellites and all the intelligence agents? Did he transport them by air, land, sea or through an underground tunnel? (Kudos to Saddam—the Arab born James Bond.)

If this story is true, then the world is not safe yet. Because the unnamed countries—multiple axis of evil—would use the weapons to precipitate ‘Armageddon’ just when we think that the danger has been averted. Or if they have good intentions, or if they do not know how to operate Iraqi missiles, they might just return these weapons to the next democratic government in Iraq. And then the circus continues.

Now away from fiction. Let the truth be told. Did Iraq have any weapons of mass destruction prior to the invasion? No, the UN inspectors said so. And the former U.S. weapon chief, David Kay, also supports it. Then was Bush right in going to war? Though he tried to invent reasons to justify the war in the interview, it must be said that there was no justification for it.

In my controversial book, CHASING SHADOWS!: A Dream; I wrote that we are fighting terror with the wrong weapons. What causes terrorism? Such senseless wars and other injustices are the root cause of this evil. So we are not solving the problem, but fueling it.

And this world will fare badly….

ARTHUR ZULU, an editor and book reviewer, is the author of the controversial book, CHASING SHADOWS!: A Dream. (A book that reveals the terrorists’ master plan to finally set the world on fire!)

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About the Author

ARTHUR ZULU, an editor and book reviewer, is the author of the controversial book, CHASING SHADOWS!: A Dream. (A book that reveals the terrorists’ master plan to finally set the world on fire!)

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