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Instant Sales Anytime

   By: Dan Brown

Nobody's Visiting Today Sale

Every online business has low visitor and sales day through
the week. My days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.You
could sell your products or services for cheaper to increase and sales on your slow days. You could have this advertised right on your web site.

Time Of The Day Sale

Periodically , pick out a time of the day like 5 to 7 pm to
lower your prices. With online sales you need tell people
the time zone. Announce your scheduled times ahead of
time in your e-zine. This will give people enough time to
plan when they will visit your web site.

Product Or Service Of The Day Sale

Each day offer different product or service at a lower price. This will draw people back to your web site everyday. This is a high traffic generating sale. If you don't have a lot of products and services you may want to run the sale weekly or monthly.

Niche Group Sale

Hold a sale for a niche groups of people. Students, senior
citizens, single people etc. This really works if your
introducing a new product or service for the first time to a new target audience. Announce your sale in a targeted
e-zine, e-mail discussion groups, message boards, etc.

Holiday Or Seasonal Sale

Offer lower prices on holidays and during seasonal changes.
These type of sales let your visitors and customers know
your no scrooge. Be creative and go as far as decorating
your web site. You could upload holiday and seasonal
graphics. Change the color of your text to match. Get in the spirit!

Get More For Your Money Sale

Give customers more products or services for their money.
People relate these kind of sales to getting a bargain or
saving money. You could offer a buy one get one for half
off sale, a buy two get the third one free, two for the price of one sale, etc.

About the author:
Author Dan Brown has been active in internet marketing for the past 4 years. Dan currently is working with the Zabang search engine introducing their new affiliate program which is due out Nov, 2005.

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