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How Can We Know If These Are The End Times

   By: Dene McGriff

This is a question every generation asks itself. Even early Christians thought they were in the end times and 2,000 years later things keep moving on. Why didn't God just get it over with back then? People get tired of "chicken littles" running around telling us the sky is falling, the world is going to end, but it doesn’t. We're still here. Every saint from the beginning anticipated His coming, but He hasn’t come, so why care? He'll come when He comes. What's it to me? I just keep putting one foot in front of another. The last thing I want to be is some "kook" standing on a street corner predicting the end of the world only to see the date come and go. Isn't this just much "to do" about nothing? Besides, if I rapture at the beginning of the "end", the whole question is irrelevant! I'm outta here. Glory!

Sound familiar? I've certainly thought all of those things. How about you? Am I beating a dead horse? Well I don't think so. What if these really are the end times? Is there any way to know for sure? What if there is no easy escape by "rapture"? And if not, what does it mean to me?

There are a number of ways to answer this question: first, there is the Bible, the Word of God and all of the prophesies relating to the end times. Second, there are the "signs of the times" - what is happening in the world that could indicate one way or another. Third, there is your own gut feeling when you are quiet, your mind is still and you are in the presence of the Lord. (Luke 2:26)

We should remember that there were hundreds of prophesies that related to the First Coming of Jesus Christ. Although the religious leaders of the day didn't see it, they certainly should have because it was clearly written down in black and white. If you doubt me, please read up on the subject. I'm not a theologian and my objective is not to expound the Scripture for you. My objective is to get you to think for yourself - beyond the little box of your "comfort zone." You need to stretch your mind, your imagination, the world view you have always believed in. If you don't, you may miss it altogether just like most Jews did the first time around. So it stands to reason that if the First Coming was so clearly foretold, the Second Coming should be evident to those who are looking for it, especially since Jesus Himself spends so much time talking about the subject and it is dealt with extensively in the whole Bible. At least one fourth of the entire Bible deals with the “end times”, so doesn’t it seem logical that it was written for a good reason? Does God have a purpose in letting us know what is going to happen? Could it possibly mean that we should do something?

So why hasn't Jesus returned yet? The answer is simply that there are a couple of things clearly foretold that have to happen first. One relates to the Church.

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