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Superultramodern Religion ( SR )

   By: Dr Kedar Joshi, PBSSI, MRI

Superultramodern Religion ( SR ) is a component of Superultramodern Science (SS). In particular, it is an application of SS [mainly the NSTP (Non - Spatial Thinking Process) theory] to religious viewpoints.

SR states that the religious viewpoints (say, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.) are flawed on their physical (or, so called, metaphysical) side. The prophets (say Jesus Christ, Mohammad) could be superhuman, in the sense of being able to modulate the spatial illusion, but their theories / advocacies on the nature or physics of reality were quite probably wrong / false (as many flaws could be demonstrated, e.g. eternal creating something, immovable and flat earth theories, etc.). The true structure and mechanism of the universe is in accordance with the NSTP theory which produces states of consciousness or feelings as if Jesus, for example, controlling winds, curing diseases, etc., to people, including Jesus (assuming others are conscious like me : where all conscious entities / beings are mere groups of feelings or states of consciousness).

This could be simplified with an analogy. Suppose in 2005 A.D. we cannot drive cars. However, our science is so developed that we can easily invent an appropriate theory on the internal mechanism of the car. Now we find a car used in 0 B.C. and a book, say Bible, describing a person very skillful in driving cars, with a theory on the internal mechanism of the car. We do not at all agree with the theory invented in 0 B.C. as it has many simple logical / conceptual problems. So we infer that the person, very skillful in driving the car, was (probably) wrong on how the car actually works (i.e. its internal mechanism) , whereas we are (probably) right on its mechanism but are not skillful enough to drive the car.

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