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Forget Exercise - Go Play

   By: Don Stuart

Can't seem to get the energy or motivation to exercise? Forget exercise - go play.
For most of us exercise is a chore. So many people hate to exercise, or just can't get motivated to start an exercise program. If you are one of those, forget about exercise, go play.

Make it a point to play everyday. Find a partner. Go golfing, swimming, shoot baskets, tennis, volleyball, play catch, any kind of sport that gets you moving. Every day. You may need a different partner each day - find one.

Get on your bicycles and go siteseeing. Get with a partner or group and go horseback riding. Go to the parks and explore the trails. Play volleyball, badminton, anything to become active. Remember to start slow and work your way up to playing an hour or two each day.

Set a schedule for each activity one day each week. Pre-arrange with a partner to play every day, make each one a weekly event. You will need anything from one to seven partners to keep active all week.

Go to your Parks Department, see if they would be interested in starting a playday program for different age groups, or however they might want to do something for their public. Many already have activities for the kids - how about the adults.

Go to the local newspaper. Would their Sports Editor be interested in getting the public involved?

You may use this article in anyway appropriate. All I ask is that you use it in its entirety, including my information.

About the Author

by Don Stuart: Don is publishing articles on his website to help people start changing their habits to become slender and fit. Visit his website at www.Dieting Sucks

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