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Make An Investment In Your Health

   By: James & Jessica Taylor

Health is like building a savings account; small manageable investments add up quickly. Attempting to save large amounts without gradual increases , will leave you feeling depeleted and discouraged. Beginning a health plan with small gradual steps will allow you to build the discipline, health and time management skills needed to allow for larger investments in the future.

Often we will suddenly decide to get in shape or lose weight, we buy a new pair of shoes, the latest diet books and supplements, a gym membership and plan to spend 6 hours every week working out even if it kills us. We tell ourselves "This is it, this time I am going to do it-theres no turning back now". By the end of the first week we feel exhausted and frustrated because we had to miss two workouts, one of the kids got sick and the other had soccer practice. Week two we are an inevitable no show, feeling even worse than before. Instead of this quick road to failure; why not a steady, enjoyable and predictable journey to success? Approach your health like a savings plan with small investments that build into huge results over time.

Just like anything in life there will be times when your ability to invest will be smaller and there will be times when you are able to give and give without looking back. The key is when the ability to invest is limited don't stop; instead ease back and do what you can, small measurable investments. The small investments help to build the discipline of health. Discipline and consistency is the key to success, not some shiny new diet program.

So you may be asking what is an investment in health? This can only be answered by you, but here are just a few to get you started.

I will drink more water.
I will eat out less this week.
I will add veggies to one meal everyday this week.
I will walk on my breaks at work instead of going to the snack machine.
I will trade soda for green tea.
I will read two health books this month.
I will track my nutrition.

Above are just a few examples, but these need to fit your target lifestyle so "go for it" and build the discipline necessary to change your health for the better. Remember the investments you initially choose are not as important as the discipline they will create.

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