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There Is Attitude And Attitude

   By: Judi Singleton

Attitude has a lot to do with how our life goes. We win the lottery
and we are happy or we lose our jobs and we are angry. However does it have to be that way we can decide how to feel about anything that
happens it all depends on your attitude.
You are responsible for all your experiences in life. We cannot control what happens to us for their are many other co-creators of life out there creating but we can control how we react to what happens to us.
Our attitude does have a great affect and can make a huge difference when dealing with our day-to-day experiences.
By changing our attitudes and beliefs we can create a new life. We will learn to perceive the same events, behaviors and phenomena differently so as to experience greater peace and more positive emotions. When I first realized the power of my attitude one thing hit me, If I wanted to change my life I would first have to change my attitude.

Let me give you my definition of attitude. Simply, attitude is your perception of life. It’s the way you view things around you.

It is your perception of the day that determines whether you have a good or bad day. You have a choice every day to respond positively to life’s circumstances or react negatively. The choice is yours.
You are where you are today because of the thoughts you have maintained up to this point in your life. James Allen says it as, "A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts."

You cannot change your thoughts without changing your life in the process -- either for good or for bad. Immerse yourself in the right thoughts and you will become the person you long to be, just as surely as the planting of an acorn yields an oak tree and not a pine tree.

The power of a positive attitude is always within your reach. You simply have to extend your hand and grab it.

Now I can give you an example out of my own life. I have been out of work for three weeks now. Today I was offered a job. It is a night shift and it is with a hospice patient. It also does not pay what I want for a wage. But I agreed to do the work. Why did I agree because I can't see another alternative right now. Now my mind says I have to do this. My attitude is not so good. Now I applied at this agency and I dressed up and went there all confident that I would be given work. When they did that I was not so pleased. What changed my attitude.
So what can I do about it. I can change the way I think about this assignment and be grateful I have work now. I can also be grateful it is nights giving me my daytime hours to look for other work or to work on my internet business. If I keep thinking what a good opportunity this is and that I probably will meet more people who can help me find another job then within thirty days my attitude will change.
I have a choice how I react to life. I am where I am now because of my thinking and I can change my thinking. No one else thinks for me.

About the author
Judi Singleton publishes Jassmine's JOurnal a daily ezine. There is a free edition and a paid edition of Jassmine's JOurnal. You can subscribe at

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