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3 Strange And Twisted Copywriting Tactics!

   By: Larry Dotson

1. You can build credibility with your prospects by
telling them you can't solve all their problems, but
you can solve a percentage of them.

For example:

My product can't eliminate all your problems, but
what if it could take away 97.5% percent of them.
How much better would you feel?

With this technique you wouldn't be making those
unbelievable claims. Your prospects would know
for sure you're not lying to them. It will increase
your credibility and make them confident enough
to buy your product. Using a percentage makes it
easier for your prospects to understand just how
much better their situation could be.

2. Stun your prospect by telling them the negative
things they are probably thinking about your
product or business. Then tell them the negative
effects of thinking negative about your product or

For example:

You're probably thinking this marketing book is like
all the rest you've wasted your hard earned money
on and you'll go on with your business losing sale
after sale until your finally have to go out of business.

3. Give your prospects an image of two different
paths they can take; one if they order your product
and one if they don't.

For example:

Imagine yourself at an intersection and you clearly
see two different roads on which you can turn on.
One where you can chose not to buy our product
and continue to have your problem or one where
you can buy our product and eliminate your problem.
Which road will you chose?

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