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Can Your EBook Idea Survive The '5W' Acid Test?

   By: Paula Morrow

Can Your eBook Idea Survive The '5W' Acid Test?

by Paula Morrow

Can Your eBook Idea Survive The '5W' Acid Test?

If you've been cruising the Internet highway
for any length of time, you've run across tons
of ebooks. They've almost risen to mythical
proportions as "the" vehicle for producing
unlimited profits. Even with this flooding of
the market, the door's still open IF you
develop an ebook that's highly targeted,
serves a 'want' and delivers quality content.

So, you think you've fully analyzed your
idea? Think it's a moneymaker? See how it
stacks up in the following '5W' acid test,
to determine whether it's ready to go or if
more development is needed.

Here we go:

WHO is your audience? Have you determined
whether there's a demand? Does it address
a problem or want currently being discussed
in discussion forums - is there a trend you can
cash in on? Check it out now, to make sure
your market exists - don't make the mistake
of falling in love with an unprofitable topic!

For forums discussing Internet marketing:

For Internet marketing plus other markets:

WHAT is your markup going to be? 200%?
More? What pricing will your market support?
Are you pricing it too low/high? For help in this
area, an affordable resource is Ken Evoy's
'Make My Price Sell!' manual. Click here for
more information:

WHEN are you planning on launching? Is it a
seasonal topic that should be launched at a
specific time of year, or is it evergreen?
Timing a launch correctly could be critical to
your success.

WHERE will you promote it? On Pay-Per-Click
search engines (go to
for a complete listing)? With ezine sponsor or
solo ads? By writing ezine articles (if you
need help on where or how to submit your
articles go to eZine Announcer at

Is your killer sales letter ready? If you're
not secure in this area, I (and others) strongly
recommend Marlon Sander's products. His site:

WHY should a prospect invest in your ebook
instead of your competitors? What's your USP
(unique selling proposition)? What does your
information or approach offer that others

A few other things to keep in mind in order to
ensure a profitable ebook:

*Select good ebook production software. Make
sure it produces ebooks that can be read by
BOTH Macintosh and IBM systems. Consider
Adobe, since the resulting pdf ebooks can be
read interchangeably. You can sign up for a free
trial and make a few free ebooks at Just
recognize that not everyone owns IBM; don't
leave money on the table by producing, for
example, only ".exe" ebooks.

* Does your ebook have a strong cover graphic?
Visual packaging is critical online. Do it
Yourself with eCover Generator (go to
or have Vaughan Davidson (the person behind
many of the Internet's high-quality ebook
graphics) do it for you. His site:

The demand for ebooks and information is still
going strong, regardless of whether your target
market is cooking, fishing, real estate, wood
carving, insurance or something else. Just make
sure your ebook idea survives our '5W' acid test,
and that it solves a problem and/or fulfills a
'want.' If you do, the profits will follow.

Paula Morrow is president of Ideal Marketing
Corporation. She specializes in p.r., information
marketing and creating cashflow systems, plus
coaching newbie entrepreneurs on innovative
online promotions. Subscribe to IDEALProfits,
now read in 12 countries, and receive 5 FREE

About the Author

Paula Morrow is webmaster of and has extensive marketing experience earned from 20 years in the public relations, entertainment and advertising worlds. Now applying this experience to the Internet, she enjoys creating cash-generating systems and coaching new marketers on innovative ways to promote their businesses both online and off.

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