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Create PDF Ebooks Fast And FREE! Here's How!

   By: Terah J. Logan

Easily produce PDF Ebooks for FREE!

Are you thinking about writing your own ebook?

Have you already written your own ebook and have been frustrated with the existing ebook compiling software?

Have you wanted to create your own PDF ebooks (PDF is the PREFERED format for ebooks) but found the software far to expensive, complicated, and daunting? (exe. style ebooks are absolutely ‘out’.)

Are you at a stand still trying to get your ebook creation OUT THERE?

There is good news! I have discovered a gem of a product made especially for ebook authors.

EASY PDF TOOL KIT! This kit consists of everything you need to quickly and easy create PDF files with no hassles. Best of all there is NO additional software to buy. This product shows you; step-by-step, how to create PDF products for FREE! (Currently PDF software runs around $250.) It is simply the best deal around for ebook authors!

The kit takes you from start to finish compiling your own professional PDF Ebooks INSTANTLY!

The kit includes the report “How to Create PDF Ebooks for FREE”. And this report is all you need to do it. Nothing more to buy! Also included is 100 PDF templates you can use with Microsoft© Word! That’s right - with these templates you simply produce your ebook in word and import it in a PDF template - it is TOTALLY EASY!

With these templates and the report - you will be creating professional PDF ebooks the same day you get this kit! NOTHING MORE TO DO OR BUY!

Also included is a handful of ebook publishing reports - not the same old, same old - and 147 ebook cover templates you can use - again NOT the same old, same old! (It has been proven; creating an ebook cover for your ebook will dramatically increase your sales!)

The Easy PDF took kit is unique, offers original content, and comes with Resale rights!

Visit to see what is included in this complete kit.

This product is perfect for anyone who is currently struggling with the concept of taking your ebook and putting it in a downloadable format and getting it out to the masses. The extra bonus ebooks also will assist you to fine tune your manuscript, and if you are experiencing writers block, these bonuses will give your imagination a kick start.

Beginners and advanced will get plenty from this product. If you are already happy with your method of producing ebooks and happy with your sales then this product would not be for you; otherwise it comes with a big recommendation from me.

You can purchase it from my site at with a full money back guarantee.

Here’s to your ebook success!

About the Author

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