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Finding A Solicitor Now Easy And More Reliable

   By: Peter Zaborszky

Over recent years the Internet has allowed information to flow freely between individuals. We can share opinions, beliefs, and sometimes help each other make choices. The Internet has opened up the possibility of reviewing everything on-line, so that people knew exactly what they were getting into before they spent any money on it. How many times have we felt that we are being scammed? How many times has a purchase turned out to be a waste of money? The stories are endless. The Internet has allowed us to share information, and make sure we help others avoid the bad services that we experienced.

Many websites have aimed to help this problem by offering users reviews of local businesses, with the ability of visitors sharing their experiences as well. So far, this type of service has been unavailable for Solicitors. Just like other businesses, solicitors too can be of different standards. A new website, Solicitor List ( has now opened, which aims to fill in this gap. With over 13,000 solicitor firms already listed on their website, finding a solicitor is extremely easy. Not only that: each solicitor can receive reviews from any visitors that use the website. For example, anyone who has had a good experience with a family solicitor, can post a comment about them on the website. If a solicitor did not live up to your expectations, you can make sure other people know about it too.

Not only is this good for the public, solicitor companies can benefit too. Their details are visible on a highly visited website, and the quality of their work is likely to be reviewed by clients. Good solicitors will get more business from the website, as they are marked as good solicitors. Listings are completely free for all companies, although only the company's address and telephone number are shown in the free listing option.

Solicitor List ( is now open and available to all.

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