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Are You Caught Up In An Accident?

   By: Karen Nodalo

In the case of an automobile accident, and if somebody is injured, you should do everything you can to help especially if there are no medics at that moment. If you have knowledge in first aid, it would be better so that you can help relieve the pain of the suffering individual. If you want to help the victim, there will be certain measures that you need to follow.

When you are in an accident spot, do not try to move an injured person in his position because there might be some broken bones that may cause the patient too much pain that might worsen his condition. If there are people around, ask them to call the police and inform them that some people are injured. It is also helpful to inform the police officer as to how many persons were injured. This is important so that the emergency personnel will be able to prepare the things and materials needed for them to respond to the scene. If you are in the roadway, you can turn your flashers on and you can use flares to warn the forthcoming traffic.

If there are no police officers yet, you can obtain some important information that will be helpful to patch up the findings of the accident. Some of the important information you need to gather are the following:

- The name of the driver and the other driver, which include complete name, address, insurance information, license number and the number on the license plate. This is important so that if the person has been to a very serious injury to the extent that his face is unidentified, the license number will be a good source of information. - Getting the names of the witnesses in the scene is also important. You can get their complete name, address and the phone number. This is important because if the case is in the court, they will be able to testify about what really happened in the accident. This will also be helpful to find out who is at fault.

- Get the information of the officers who investigated the traffic scene. You can ask for a business card, which has all the important information. However, if you do not ask for it, the police officers will instantly give you the information. - The last is taking note of the exact location to which the accident happened so that if there will be investigating procedures, the team can investigate accordingly.

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