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Becoming A Police Officer Just Became Easier

   By: Donna Moran

As many law enforcement candidates can vouch for, taking the police entrance exam can be a stressful and highly competitive experience. I decided to research some preparation web sites and purchased several E-books on the topic to get a better understanding of what it takes to become a police officer. One thing that I quickly realized was that there were plenty of sources of material available for anyone seriously interested in a future in law enforcement.

According to Augie Caamano, owner of, "Becoming a police officer has become extremely difficult due to the number of applicants applying these days." Caamano also stated "I try to assist these candidates by walking them through written test step by step. My online practice exams, as well as the strategies provide the candidates with an edge that they would not have had before the course." Caamano who himself is an 11 year police veteran stated that the difference between one person doing well on the exam and another sometimes boils down to one or two questions. "I wish I had something like PoliceQuiz when I was first applying, it would have saved me a lot of time and street" Caamano added.

For a modest fee of $27 prospective candidates can take several timed practice exams as well as study an extensive tutorial of test-taking strategies and techniques.

Caamano states that he helps candidates from all over the country and all size departments in preparing for the police officer entrance exam. "It doesn't matter if your testing for a 1000 or a 10 member department. Most tests cover the same topics which include reading comprehension, math, situational judgment, visualization based questions, and memory retention."

I also found several e-books which can be purchased online, all of which state that they can increase your chances of getting a better score on the exam. I found several at by simply typing in "police test" in their search engine. Prices ranged from $17 to $35. They too appear to have practice exams and tips for improving your score, although some of the reading appears to be quite lengthy and dry.

Further information about can be found directly on their web site

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