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When Is It Time To Change Your Web Hosting Provider?

   By: Paul Wilson

Building a web site is the easy part, getting it hosted right is difficult. There are many options like Host way, iPowerWeb, Homestead, which are paid hosts and many free ones like GeoCities.

The cost of a paid service would be between US$ 5 and US$10 a month. The most immediate advantage is that you pass on the burden of storage, security, and bandwidth to another's shoulders.

A good host whether paid or free should have in place:

* Usable web design tools. And an updated server software.

* E-commerce advice as well as options likes form remailer, chat, or bulletin board.

* Remote access. Allows access to and uploading of files from anywhere in the world.

* Unparalleled services. Answers to technical questions as well as solutions to problems. Customer service must be 24x7 in actuality.

* Plan options.

* Sufficient disk space and bandwidth.

* A 24x7 uptime.

* A free trial option.

* Quality Internet connection plans. The host should be clear about what they can offer for example, if they offer T1 then it allows only 1.544 Mbps while an OC-256 allows 13,000 Mbps.

* Server speeds that are not hindered by the number of sites being accessed simultaneously. Ping a site and see the response time.

* Processors that can take immense load and not slow down the site's transmission.

* Tight and dependable security measures. Ensure that your site will be protected from unwanted intrusions. Security protocols should be clearly outlined. The hosting company must have plans in place to upgrade and maintain security measures.

Sadly a web hosting dream can become a nightmare when: the host does not keep promises, the site outgrows the hosting plan, there are no responses to your e-mails or phone calls of distress, the charges are way beyond your budget, the server has a virus or other problems.

Do not panic, take a breath and try and solve hosting problems by using web hosting talk forums. These are interactive and you will get many suggestions and offers within a minute or two of posting your dilemma.

Do your homework well visit one of the links below it will narrow as well as facilitate your work.

* at is a well organized directory dedicated to aspects of web hosting .Has in depth information on the top 25 web hosts, domain registration, SME hosting , e-commerce advice, and more.

* at is a complete directory on web hosting. Covers articles, buying advice, hosting plans, as well as news and developments in the field. Offers comparisons between services of different providers and invaluable editor's ratings.

* 1st Site Free has at: a comprehensive listing of various web hosting directories.

Web hosting is not difficult if you plan well, know your options, and keep abreast of technological developments.

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