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So, you have a new addition in your family! Congratulations! But amidst all the baby boom and greetings do not forget that you have a huge responsibility ahead of you. Besides, bringing up your children the onus of planning for their financial future also lies with you.

With the cost of education soaring each year in the UK, it becomes even more imperative for parents to save up for their children. So, what should you do? Here are a few strategies that will help you give your children a good future:

Begin Early: Most parents do not start saving for their children's education until they are ready for college. This is a big blunder! Instead, be an early bird and start saving up as soon as possible. These days several investment opportunities are available like savings account, child trust fund and many more.

Look for financial aid resources: If you get your act together, you can actually manage your child's entire education by paying for the minimum requirements. Explore and find out about various financial aid opportunities available for your child.

Just a little every day: Plan your expenditure in a manner that you are able to put aside a little of your savings every day for your child. Set an amount and then stick to the target and you will be surprised at how much you have managed to save.

To help your child start his/her young life on a strong foundation, you can use any of the following investment strategies:

Open a children's savings account: The children's savings accounts are set up with banks and building societies for children. Various banks set varying maximum and minimum age limits for the account holders which may be as high as 21 and as low as a month. These accounts generally carry a high rate of interest and sometimes even bring along incentives like newsletters or birthday cards.

Child Trust Fund: Another viable investment option is the Child Trust Fund. In case of a Child Trust Fund, the government makes an initial contribution of 250 and in case of low-income families this amount rises to 500. The CTF is not made available to the child until he is 18 and by that time, the CTF is expected to accrue enough money to give your children a head start either in the form of a deposit for a home or educational fees.

Stock market funds: Stock market represents a highly profitable but a more risky investment proposition. Although, in the short term they may seem risky, yet the stock market funds have known to leave other investments far behind when it comes to long-term investments. You can invest in the stock market through a unit or an investment trust.

Now that you have all the information you need, put it to good use and give your child the head start he/she deserves.

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