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Work Accident Compensation Following A Machinery Accident

   By: Sophie Evans

Thousands of people in the UK are employed in jobs which require the use of dangerous machinery. In 2004/5 57 plant, process and machine operatives were killed whilst carrying out work tasks compared to 2 people in administrative and secretarial occupations. Wood working machinery causes more injuries from work accidents than machinery in any other sector.

The risks to health are obvious, machines with movable working parts carry the risk of trapping workers, between rollers or cogs, entangling limbs, when there are rotating or moving parts or ejection, from grinding wheels or drills. Personal injuries can also be caused by straightforward contact with moving parts such as drill or sander which can cause abrasions or friction burns.

Workers are also at risk from non mechanical faults and hazards such as electrical risks, noise, vibration, dust and fumes. All of these can cause considerable work related injury from electrocution to dust related cancers.

By law all machinery should have safety guards so that moving or dangerous parts are kept away from reach. If dangerous parts are within reach then they should be properly covered to prevent access. If guards can be removed, for example to be cleaned, then proper supervision should be given in order that operatives do not remove the guard at any other time.

Guidelines to prevent a work accident In order to prevent an accident at work that could potentially endanger someone's life there are some guidelines that should be followed when machinery is used.

The guidelines are as follows:

Everyone using a piece of machinery should be fully trained and checklists should be used to ensure that all important points are covered

The proper guards should be used and signs displayed to remind workers to use the guards. Guards should be in place before the machinery is started

The areas around the machinery must be kept clean and tidy and free from obstructions

There should be clear space around the machinery so that the risk of accidental interference from other workers is reduced

Lighting should be sufficient around the machinery. Flickering lights should be fixed as they can cause problems with moving parts

Appropriate clothing should be worn when using machinery

If a machine is broken it should be clearly signed to prevent workers from using it and possibly causing a work accident

Making a work accident claim If you have been in a work accident and sustained a personal injury then you may be entitled to claim personal injury compensation. All employers are responsible for providing a safe working environment. If they have failed in their duty of care and you have sustained an injury as a result then you are entitled to seek compensation.

For free legal advice regarding making a work accident claim or to learn more about machinery accidents visit, or call them on freephone 0800 197 32 32 for free legal advice. have many years experience of handling personal injury claims and can help anyone suffering from a work related injury to get the compensation that they are entitled to.

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