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Advertising That Yields The Best Results

   By: Hayley Keller

In today’s world, online advertising is KEY to the success of your business. Your initial approach is what draws the curiosity that ultimately leads to the sale of your product. And of course, you only get one opportunity to make a first impression, so let’s learn how to make it a great one!

Following are important, to-the-point guidelines for advertising your online business . . .

First, define your target market. Target the prospects you’d like to reach as you think about the following categories:

- Gender

- Age

- Profession

- Education level

- Household income level

- Family size – number of children

- Behaviors / Importance’s (1. Price 2. Location 3. Quality 4. Warranties 5. Customer Service 6. Brand name)

One you have your market targeted, here’s generally how you go about selling online:

1. Attract a prospect’s interest with an intriguing first sentence (avoiding OVERLY sensational headlines).

2. Focus on solving the reader’s problem or on making something easier for them.

3. Give them a reason to buy at that moment with an added bonus or incentive

Now, here are the on-line marketing methods that can be pursued, utilizing the guidelines you’ve just learned!

#1 Pay-per-Click: This method allows for you to pay for any visitors that are sent to your website. You will expect to pay more to get towards the top.

#2 Cost-per-Action: This method allows you to pay only for those prospects which request further information.

#3 Free Classifieds: Use bolding, highlighting, ad placement, and most IMPORTANTLY, remember that a picture is worth more than a thousands words.

#4 Discussion Groups: Subscribe and participate in discussion groups. Not only will you receive information, it will be free promotion!

#5 Chat Rooms: Engage in only the busiest rooms, listen, and then put your two cents in.

#6 Bulletin Boards: Create a noticeable page.

#7 Put your URL on EVERYTHING: The easiest way to be proactive and direct those prospects not surfing the net, is to publish your URL on stationary, letterhead, business cards, checks, envelopes, etc.

#8 Follow-up emails: Most importantly, after any contacts or leads come your way, be CERTAIN to reply to emails DAILY.

Perfect practice makes perfect, and repetition will make your approaches perfect!

As an added bonus, I hold a weekly drawing for free products when you request more information from my website. So, go ahead and visit, and you will automatically be entered!

Hayley Keller is a home business builder and independent marketing executive who has literally researched hundreds of home-based business opportunities before understanding the value of businesses with solid foundations and products that actually work, making advertising a joy! Questions or comments? Hayley can be reached at:

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