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Cure Diabetes: Calling For Double Trouble!

   By: Jasdeep Singh


Open your eyes to the catastrophic effects of Diabetes. The mere thought of Diabetes brings so many questions and fears into our mind .Few people realize that thorough understanding and knowledge about diabetes can help tremendously in effective long term management. Diabetes is actually deficiency of Insulin(A Hormone secreted by small gland called Pancreas) which converts sugar into energy) or the low ability of the body to use insulin. Thus glucose levels in blood tend to remain persistently raised. Diabetes is responsible for development of various complications later in life. Diabetes welcomes Heart Diseases too like heart attacks and strokes (Double Trouble). Alone in US, more than 16 million people are suffering from Diabetes. People who are suffering from Diabetes are at more risk to Heart problems and Kidney Failures. Diabetes and its side effect occur among people of all ages.

What actually happens?

With the lack of Insulin in the body, glucose and fats are not converted into energy and they remain as it is the Bloodstream and with time contribute to Health diseases.

You can be Diabetes victim due to following reasons

a) Obesity definitely leads to Diabetes .

b) Individuals with impaired glucose tolerance or have high fat content in their blood

c) It can get transferred to you through your parents or ancestors.

d) Women who deliver babies weighing more than 9 pounds are susceptible to Diabetes.

e) Certain ethnic groups are more prone to Diabetes. Eg Mexican, Puerto Rican Americans and Cuban Americans can easily develop Diabetes.

Signs of Diabetes!!

a) Weakness and Fatigue

b) Frequent Thirst and urination

c) Quick loss of weight

d) Feeling hungry

e) Blurring of vision

g) frequent infections

h) numbness in limbs

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