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PREPARING ISREAL FOR MESSIAH'S RETURN Israel as a nation should be willing to acknowledge Jesus Christ as the true Messiah in order to avert the biblical plagues of Moses and Elijah which will strike her land. Israel must confess to the whole world that have come to make a solemn covenant with the God of Abraham their father that this generation had accepted Jesus Christ of Nazareth as the true Messiah and that they are pleading for the forgiveness of the sins of their fathers who crucified him on the cross so that they will not be partaker of the curse that follows their fathers who said "Let his blood be on us and our children".(Mat 27:25)

The prophet hereby advice the Chief Rabbi of Israel and his officials to acknowledge the Pope as a symbol of peace being the representative of Apostle Peter, the Rock on which the church was built. God used the ancient Germans( the Assyrians)to invade ancient Israel which result to the lost ten tribes of Israel when Assyrians were ruling the whole world because of Israel's disobedience

Adulf Hitler of Gemany repeated the history which led to the slaughter of six million Jews during the second world war but failed to rule the world unlike the ancient Assyrian his ancestors. All this happened to Israel because of their disobedience and for not accepting Jesus Christ as their true Messiah,

In this end-time, God had raised a German Pope of the ancient Assyrian origin in order to reconcile with Israel and the Arab nations where Egypt represents all the Arab nations and all Muslims world-wide as predicted in the books of the prophets.

In the wilderness, God sent poisonous serpents which killed some of them because of their rebellion against Moses; and God commanded Moses to make a bronze serpent which he hung on the pole and as many as those that looked on the serpent were made whole. God is using the very ancient Assyrian Priest origin called the "POPE" as a representative of Jesus Christ which your fathers rejected and killed on the cross for the healing of your wounds and for your reconciliation as the ancient bronze serpent just as prophet Isaiah predicted, "...and the Lord will smite Egypt(representing all Muslims world wide including Israel), smiting and healing it; the Assyrian(represented by the German Pope) will come into Egypt(Pope will also stand in Mecca) and the Egyptians into Assyrian(the Imam of Saudi Arabia will be visiting Rome of Italy) and Israel will be third with Egypt and Assyrian(a combination of the three religions of the sons of Abraham namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam world wide); a blessing in the midst of the earth whom the Lord of host will say, "Blessed be Egypt my people(all Muslims world wide) and the Assyrians(the German Pope representing all churches and denominations world-wide) the work of my hand and Israel my heritage"(Isaiah 19:20-end).

Base on the end-time biblical directives, the Chief Rabbi of Israel should first of all acknowledge the German Pope the representative of Jesus Christ the Messiah who is to come from heaven on the day of judgment and not prophet Elijah. Should keep aside all negative reports about the Messiah which made them felt that he was a false Messiah.

The Chief Rabbi on behalf of Judaism should contact the Pope in Rome for the declaration and acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as the true Messiah who is to come on the day of Judgment.

Like the case of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, after Jesus was baptized, he was separated from John to start his original ministry whose ministry was higher than John the Baptist; therefore John said, 'I must decreased and he will increase (John 3:1-end ). Note that Judaism is the father of Christianity and Islam being the first religion of the sons of Abraham founded through Moses and Aaron. Therefore must produce the High priest of the three religions which is the Chief Rabbi of Isreal representing Zodak the High Priest in the end-times while the end-time biblical prophet represent King David and as the Prophet Elijah who is to become the Administrative and the Spiritual Head of the three religions to ensure that all rights of the sons of Abraham are protected in God's Kingdom establishment like the end-time Moses in the days of old who is to emerge on exile among the sons of Joseph who had occupied the Land of Basaam and Gilead where prophet Elijah emerged.

The ancient land of Basaam and Gilead located at the eastern part of the Jordan captured by Moses before the cross the Jordan river which was given to the half tribe of Manasha of Joseph's tribe but was taken over by the Assyrians which is being reoccupied by the Arabs and no longer part of Isreal; and the land is very fertile which contain crude oil ; yet to fulfill the biblical prophecy, according to Micah, (the lost Joseph's tribe part of them which arrived in Nigeria in 1721), will also reoccupied another fertile land which now produces 90 percent of the crude oil in Nigeria for export to the world market called Rivers State, called " THE TREASURE BASE OF THE NATION" also called "THE HEART OF THE NIGERIAN ECONOMY" whose city is called "The Garden City" of Nigeria known as Port Harcourt City of the Niger Delta region in which the biblical prophet Elijah emerges in the flesh of the blacks. In the ancient Basham and Gilead, her GARDEN LAND is known as "Carmel" full of beautiful trees like the Port Harcourt City as the prophecy of Micah implied as a fulfillment of the reallocation. Prophet Micah said, according to the Revise Standard and in the English Verison in Mich chapter 7:14-17

14Shepherd your people with your staff, the flock of your inheritance, who dwell alone in a forest in the midst of a garden land;[c] let them graze in Bashan and Gilead as in the days of old. 15As in the days when you came out of the land of Egypt, I will show them[d] marvelous things. 16The nations shall see and be ashamed of all their might; they shall lay their hands on their mouths; their ears shall be deaf; 17they shall lick the dust like a serpent, like the crawling things of the earth; they shall come trembling out of their strongholds; they shall turn in dread to the LORD our God, and they shall be in fear of you.

The very Prophet Micah predicted the birth place of the Messiah called the Bethlehem of Judah which is still existing in Isreal while South Africa the twin brother of Nigeria produces 90 percent of the world gold whose city is mentioned in the bible as the end-time SUN CITY in which the blacks were oppressed for more than three hundred years in the former apartheid regime which also produced the New Jerusalem called "CAPE TOWN"

In the book of Revelation, since the end times biblical prophet who is to use the combined prophetic power of Moses and Elijah and whose end-time assignment is related to both countries, they are implied as Sodom and Egypt in Africa where Sodom represents the sins of Apartheid which was a great abomination to the whole earth in those days and Egypt represents the land of the oppressed to which Joseph a Nigerian prophet will be actively involved in their liberation struggle and in whose city the New Jerusalm will be found in which his Lord was crucified like the Jerusalem in Isreal known as Cape Town; there he will be enthroned to rule all nations among the sons of Abraham like the Joseph in Egypt as the prophecy of Isaiah implied (Isa 19:20) in which Dr Nelson Mandela a prisoner became her first democratic President and in the same way in Nigeria the South African twin brother, President Obasenjor of Nigeria who was also sent to prison and became the President of Nigeria as a reward for his struggle for the liberation of the blacks in South Africa as was earlier predicted by Prophet Goodnews Adolphus of Nigeia who said" You(Obasenjor with his full name mentioned in the publication of the Nigerian Tide news Paper of 15 January, 1995 page 7) have fought for the liberation of the blacks in South Africa; in the same way you will liberate Nigeria democratically; the crown is found on your head you will rule again.." before Obasenjor was sent to Prison in March 1995 and was released to rule Nigeria in 1998 after the death of General Sani Abacha ( Micah 5:2, 7:14-end, Deut. 29:7-9 & 1Chron. 5:23-26).

The Jews in Judaism will be observing all religious ceremonies as instructed by Moses while acknowledging Jesus Christ as the true Messiah and the end-time biblical prophet his forerunner like the former John the Baptist. They should acknowledge Jesus Christ by his official titles like the King Solomon of old such as "the Son of God, the First Son of God, the Only Begotten son of God est.

The declaration should be published both in the printed and in the electronic media to be transmitted live to all nations. The declaration should be done in Rome in the presence of the Pope by the Chief Rabbi of Israel and the chief should be baptized by the Pope and all his officials that followed him to Rome in compliance to what Jesus told Nicodemus the Rabbi . The Baptism method should follow the Roman Catholic order using " in the name of the father, Son and the Holy Spirit" as instructed by Christ( John chapter 3 & Mat. 28:19-20).

Then the individual chief Rabbi in each nation of the world should as well make their declaration and must be baptized by the Roman Catholic priests in each regions of the world.

In case of none compliance to the biblical directives, the plagues of Moses which was performed in Egypt including those pronounced in Deutoronomy by Moses (Deut. 28:15-end) will soon stike Isreal to the knowledge of the whole world including the biblical plagues of wild locusts and catapilars also in relation to the building of the central temple in Cape Town the central New Jerusalem of all the sons of Abraham world-wide as it was requird in the days of King Zerubalel of Judah as stated in the book of Zechriah, Habbakuk and Haggi

The project of building the Central Temple in Cape Town should be jointly executed by the Chief Rabbi of Isreal, the Pope of Rome and the Iman of Saudi Arabia; Cape Town will serve as the Central Holy City in which the Central Temple will be built for the gathering of all Jews, Christians and Muslims world wide from generation to generation until the second coming of Christ and in the New Millenium.

However the New Jerusalem will descend from heaven and will land in Israel in the New Heaven and the New earth in which they will be no more temple; only the Lamb and the God of Abraham will become the temple therein from everlasting to everlasting (Revelation chapter 21 to 22)

The dedication of the temple site will be performed by the end-time biblical prophet through the Chief Rabbi of Israel in Cape Town in conformity with the directions giving through Moses in the books of the Prophets while the Prophet will lay the foundation stone. They will be no blood sacrifices of any animal including birds while any other required items will be used including the kind of incenses approved in the Book of Moses as instructed by God as revealed in the book of Revelation

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