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Keywords For Job Searching

   By: Nell Taliercio

There are keywords that work better then others and not every single one of the keywords listed below will pull up legit jobs every time, but they are worth using. You might just uncover a gem of a job!

Try the following telecommuting keywords when searching for a job.

- telecommuting
- telecommute
- telecommuter
- telework
- teleworking
- virtual
- virtual employee
- virtual company
- virtual assistant
- virtual office
- working virtually
- home workers
- home-based
- home-based employee
- home-based employment
- home-based jobs
- must have home office
- must have dsl
- remote work
- remote contractor
- outsourcing opportunity
- freelance
- freelance jobs
- 1099 employee (or IC)
- independent contractor
- off-site
- self-employed

So there you go! A great start for your job search. It's important to use keywords (like the above) so that you have a better chance at weeding out the scams

About the Author

Nell Taliercio is the publisher of a weekly telecommuting newsletter that helps moms and dads work at home. Read more about the newsletter and get your free listing of job links at - and for more telecommuting and home based business information head over to

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