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Wealth4u In Spirit Talk Show

   By: Carmen J. Day

Hello friends,

What an amazing roller coaster ride...those of you hanging on are in store for more adventure. Paste in your URL... Please feel free to share with your family and friends, the wealth of information that is given freely!

WEALTH4U in SPIRIT Internet radio talk show is BACK!!!. It is guaranteed to stimulate, cultivate and invigorate your mind to take ACTION that will produce WEALTHY results.

I have certainly missed you all on my brief vacation of the show. Therefore stay close to your computers and don't let the mouse roam, as the show will launch on several new mediums.

March on a Wednesday and the show is archived for re-play almost immediately after the live airing. You are encouraged to call in, leave an email or just sit back and enjoy. Technology has made it possible for you to download the show on your MP3 players to listen anytime you like.

I am very excited about about you?

There is a beautiful smell in the air, and it smells green and the energy of it is contagious...and it carries the words "In God We Trust"'s all around waiting to be your hands and heart to it's company. Find out the truth about the beautiful relationship of MONEY!

You are the first to know about the show, and I will keep you posted with more information as the day approaches.

Be Blessed, prosperous and much love,

Carmen Day

PS: will be up in only a few short days.

Stay Tuned :-)

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