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Several Arab oil wells and territories will be captured by Israel in collaboration with her allied Christians nations in case she is being attached by the Arab nations with the motives of evacuating her out of the promised land; the level of occupation by Israel this time will be far larger than that of the 1967 war which will include Arab Countries and regions with an amazing speed of victory.

The Islamic hadith predicted of the mountain of gold which will curse lot of conflicts in the middle east regions. In the past Israel was fighting for her occupation and for her defense but now she will join the war of the black gold and will sweep the entire middle east regions in case there is a major outbreak of war in the middle east indicating the arrival of the warring spirit of King David, the very Archangel Michael the Great Prince originally known as the "Chariot of Israel and its Horsemen"(2 kings 1;12, 14:13-21 & Daniel 12:1-3) sent for the sanctification, defence and for the full restoration of all the accient lands captured by Isreal beginning from the days of Mose(the accient Basham and Gilead at the eastern part of the Jordan which Isreal lost to the Arabs) to the time of king David of Isreal(Obadiah 15-20, Micah 7:14-end, Deut. 29:7-9 & 1Chron. 5:23-26

God is primarily concern for the promised land of Israel which he gave to Abraham for an everlasting possession through Isaac descendants and not for the interest of Judaism whose laws and status of Moses is no longer in full force in Isreal and moreso for rejecting Jesus Christ as the true Messiah. The Lord will be smiting Israel and healing it until she fully come to repentance and to acknowledge Jesus Christ as the true Messiah in their own land and no more going on exile.

The Islamic hadith predicted that the Arab nations in the middle east will be pushed to a tight conner by the Christain nations during the battlefield seeking for who to deliver them until the arrival of Iman Mahdi known as the biblical Prophet Elijah who will interven having recognized the Moslems as the Sons of Abraham and for their willingness to make peace with Isreal.

But then all the lands captured by Moses and Joshua until the time of King David will be restored to Israel and some will be shared between Israel and the Arabs specially those oil well regions and from thence Israel will be one of the world leading suppliers of crude oil in the world market.

The battle of the black gold will come into full force in attempt to evacute Isreal out of the promised land but this evil plan will turn against her enemies including those distance nations who plot against Isreal's evacuation. God always remember the covenant he made with Abraham in respect of the Land of Canaan for an everlasting possession despite the stubborn nature of the people of Israel since in the days of Moses.

This end-time battle will be fought in two ways:

1)As indicated in the Islamic hadith, all distance Christians nations will back Israel and fight the Arab nations in order to capture many oil wells and territories and Israel will be very strong and do lot of exploits like the King David of old and the lest army of Israel will fight as king David according to the biblical prophecies(Zec. 12:1-end).

2). The Asian supper powers and others backing the Arabs will be cut off by great biblical plagues like in the days of old during the battle of the five Amorites kings with Joshua where those slain by the plagues will be more than those slain by the people of Isreal(Joshus 10:1-end).

These biblical plagues will be facing those nations on continuous basis as long as the war continue to exist in the middle east until the war ends; The level of the devastation cause by the plagues fighting those nations in the far east and others who gang up against Isreal will be far geater than what will happen in the battle filed in the middle east regions. Consequently, the Arab nations will be cut off automatically from any assistance from those allied Asian nations and others leaving them to suffer it alone as they too will be finding for ways out of those biblical plagues like another battle field altogether. It will be a period of the great tribulation to the Arab world as indicated in the Islamic Hadith unless Prophet Elijah known as the Imam Madhi intervene on their behalf else no Arab will be spared but God will remember the covenant he made with Abraham on the behalf of Ishmael and will bring the battle to an end; although this is not the battle between the sons of Abraham in God's Kingdom involving the Jews, Christains and Muslims world wide and the Antichrist.

This is the finally battle of the black gold in the middle east where Israel will be self sufficient in crude oil and to become one of the leading exporters in the middle east.

This battle of the black gold is known as Gog and Mago part 1(Ezekiel chapter 38)

The solution to the coming middle east crisis is that, the Arab nations should make peace with Israel and never attempt to quite them out of the promised land through warfare in this end-times because it will not be of any good to Arabs because the God of Abraham will defend the covenant he made with him who brought them into the Promise land beginning with Moses and Joshua

To obey is better than sacrifice

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