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Robotic Boat Cleaning Is Here, Soon It Will Be Affordable

   By: Lance Winslow

Robotic Underwater ship cleaning robotic unit, the M3500 Robotic System robot, is UltraStrip's robotic systems have recently completed a number of hull-cleaning operations for the U.S. Navy as well as major cruise-line operators. A hull-cleaning involving more than 33,000 square feet of hull — cleaned to near white-metal tolerances — can be completed in just 72 hours.,00.html

Think about this technology, it is underwater doing cleaning and can patrol our harbors and Naval Ship yards from Underwater assaults by International Terrorists. We believe this company is quite leading edge and we applaud their efforts to keep the bottoms of ships clean to increase efficiency and speed of the vessels and protect against and monitor corrosion.

It can also be used for testing drinking water supplies, monitoring algae blooms and watching for drug runners using under water means of transport. As this technology becomes more widely used, the price will come down to a point that you will be able to buy a small iRobot underwater vacuum like device not larger than a pool sweep to clean the underside of your private vessel without ever taking it out of the water. Just think sitting on the deck and enjoying life while you clean your hull.

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