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The Growth Of Online Degree Programs

   By: Matthew Russell

The Internet has probably been the biggest influencing factor on most people's lives in the latter part of the Nineteenth Century; and, perhaps unlike anywhere else, the Internet's reach had been most felt in the field of online degree programs. Here, if evidence were needed of the startling effect that the Internet has had in the field of education, it can be seen in the fact that the number of people electing to take online degree programs has pretty much doubled every year since the year 1995!

So, why are so many people taking up the opportunity to further their higher education with an online degree program?

Without doubt, probably the number one reason most people elect to undertake online degree programs is because of the convenience factor. In most cases, students of online degree programs are looking to complete their higher education at the same time as they are undertaking some of the other challenges life throws at them - like working or raising a young family.

To cater for these needs, online degree programs have been specially tailored to allow just such persons to continue with their lives without having to give up on the dream of completing higher education as the convenience of online degree programs means you don't need to meet regularly with your fellow students, attend lectures, or tutorials.

Aside from being extremely convenient, they also allow undergraduates to undertake their chosen program at their own pace. This means they have more options to work-through the degree, as the time in which to complete the degree is fairly flexible.

Beside these two major reasons for attracting students to online degree programs, administrators like offering online degree programs because they are not restricted in the same way as more traditional degree programs when it comes to student admission numbers. Offering online degree programs means that administrators can offer far more places to students than would be the case if they had to accommodate for all of these student within the confounds of a normal classroom or lecture hall.

As you can seen then, in a mere decade, the Internet has changed higher education to the extent that there were no online degree programs to today's multi-billion dollar a year industry.

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