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Remembering & Recording Our Family & Military Heritage

   By: Melody Schubert

Remembering & Recording Our Family & Military Heritage

We often capture memories on video tape and film, and display them in frames and albums. How often do we consider the finer details of our lives? Those historic moments like Grandfather's tales of World War I. Unless we record these they will be lost forever. Recording our family legacy can be a beautiful treasure for generations to come, but where do you begin? Record dates and places of events. Write down names and birth dates of your family members as they come into your story. Make your descriptions as short or long as you like, just capture the moment. What may seem like nothing to you can mean the world to someone else who has gone through a similar experience, especially memories of past and present wars and conflicts.

Family photo albums hold a wealth of clues to your family heritage Look at your families photo album. What so family members remember about each photo? Who's in the picture, when, and where was it taken, was it a special occasion? If possible, find out who took the picture. Often, the one person you see less photos of in the album is the person behind the lens. Make copies or save them to a CD to preserve them. As you go along create a living timeline of your family's history with these photographs. In the end, by remembering and recording your family and military heritage, you will have created a beloved heirloom for further generations to treasure.

Preserving The Memories of Veterans

Senator Lugar of Indiana hopes all Americans will help preserve the memory of Veterans by supporting a project developed by the Library of Congress to preserve the memories of all American Veterans. These memories can be on video tape or hand written accounts of experiences while in the military. One concern facing Senator Lugar and project supporters is the loss of precious memories as America's Veterans pass on with age. To find out more on how to contribute your memories or those of a family member visit the Veterans History Project at Senator Lugar's website:

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