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About Hypnosis

   By: Henry Leander Andersen

By Henry Leander Andersen.

Hypnosis is not so much different from being absorbed in thought, or reading a book.

With hypnosis, you are far more open to suggestion, at least, to suggestions compatible with what you are motivated to achieve. It is a form of intense receptive concentration. Hypnosis often is used to modify behavior and overcome phobias and bad habits-it can help you make changes that you've been unable to make otherwise.

There is a part of the Conscious Mind called the critical factor. It's kind of like a guard at the gate between the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind. It has the power to accept or reject suggestions from entering the Subconscious Mind. It has very good intentions. It's job is to protect us. Because change is viewed as a threat to our nervous system, any suggestion that does not match the existing programming automatically gets rejected. That is how it accomplishes it's goal of protecting us.

The only way to get to the subconscious mind and bypass the critical factor, is through our memories, habits, and emotions.

Since everyone has experienced light levels of hypnosis at different times, don't be surprised if you don't feel hypnotized. All that is required to be hypnotized is a motivation to be hypnotized, concentration, imagination, relaxation, and the willingness to respond to suggestion.

Hypnosis is not new. In recorded history the Greeks used trance induction to treat anxiety and hysteria; the Druids called it '"magic sleep"; Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer (1733-1815) called it "animal magnetism"; and Dr. James Baird (1795-1860) named it "hypnosis" which is simply the Greek word for sleep. He thought it to be `nervous sleep`, and modern monitoring of brain rhythms indicate that it is a separate state of consciousness somewhere in between sleeping and waking.

The benefits of hypnotherapy are more and more recognised and for those who search for betterment of themselves and of their lives, hypnotherapy is available and very effective.

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