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Fall 2005 Fashion Trends

   By: Vineeta Chopra

Speaking of colors, last fall it was all about sage greens. This year the color of the season seems to be brown. Brown is everywhere – suede jackets, pin-stripes pants, skirts and scarves. Add to that splashes of other fall colors like the ones mentioned above, mellow purple, fuschia, orange, etc. and you have the perfect Fall 2005 look. Here is a quick preview of this year's fall fashions for those looking to update their wardrobes.

The Look: Old-world inspired. Think elegant sepia photographs from the 1940s and 50s. Casual yet sophisticated.

The Trends:

- Tweed skirts, pants (full length and cropped) and culottes in brown plaid or pinstripes. Also making quite a debut are knit jersey gauchos. Very comfy but cool casual.

- Shirts and blouses in floral prints in mellow fall colors. Nothing too overstated.

- Solid color sweaters (no diamond argyle prints like last year). And thanks to Martha Stewart who donned one on her homecoming trip from prison, ponchos! Stick to solid colors, experimenting with designs can get tricky.

- Knee high boots (everyone can carry these off).

- Animal print scarves, faux fur collars (so cool, I just love these)

- Large hobo handbags (must have, anyway). Also, texture is really in - suede, metal, houndstooth prints, anything out of the ordinary.

- Silk kurtis or Indian style tunics in large floral prints in blocks of fall colors.

- Embellished belts – with tassels, ribbons, sequins, etc.

- Fedora hats (if you like that extra touch of elegance). Some celebrities are also donning big floppy suede hats as well.

- Hairdos – neat, coiffed, styled, tied back, you get the picture.

Having lived in India, the Middle East and now the United States, and traveled all over the world, Vineeta considers herself a true cosmopolitan Indian. A business graduate from the University of Michigan, Vineeta is also a certified image consultant. In addition to private consultations, she holds image, fashion, color and cooking workshops. In the past, Vineeta has worked as a bridal magazine editor, an arts education intern, a senior-citizen recreation coordinator, a Red Cross volunteer, but ultimately remains at heart, a career wife, and is (contrary to common contemporary thought) proud of her position.

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