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You Know Your Life Is On Purpose When Your Life Is Congruent With Your Life Purpose

   By: Brad Swift

I don't remember where I first came across the word, congruency, but for me it really captures an essential ingredient of living on purpose. It comes from the word, congruous, which means being in agreement, harmony, or correspondence.

So congruency regarding living on purpose is when your thoughts, decisions, choices, speaking, actions and results are all in harmony with your true, divinely inspired life purpose. It's this level of alignment and harmony that allows for you to flow through life on the universal winds of grace. You are like a sailing vessel with all the sails properly trimmed to the wind.

For me, this is a life of ultimate integrity, which is another way of describing a life on purpose. Of course, the starting point for designing such a life is to have clarity of purpose, as well as clarity of what has kept you from your purpose -- the fear, lack, struggling to survive Inherited Purpose. With these two fully distinguished, you're ready to trim your sails by bringing your thoughts, decisions, choices, speaking, action and results in alignment with your true purpose.

Such a congruent life on purpose is the sweet spot of living. It's like playing a game of tennis where each and every stroke hits on that special sweet spot of the racket. It's awakening each morning and being inspired out of bed because you know that you have an abundance of ways to be and to express your true purpose and reason for being on planet earth.

It is just such a life that it is my pleasure to offer to people each day. And as I start my day I remind myself that my 'job' in life is two-fold: first, it is to live true to my own purpose; to live a life of purposeful, passionate and playful service, a life of mindful abundance balanced with simplicity, and a life of spiritual serenity. Then, and only then, the second part of my 'job' becomes possible -- to share this purpose as a possibility with the rest of the world.

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